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Discussion in 'BMW Bikes In Thailand' started by ronwebb, Oct 15, 2011.

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    My Mate Douglas who has a 6 year old series 1 R1200 GS BMW is looking for a good mechanic/engineer as he now has an ABS problem (no brakes). He is no longer keen to go Bangkok to Barcelona or whatever from past experiences and would like to hook up with someone who can take care of his bike.
    He lives in Pakchong but can put the bike on a trailer to a good mechanic to any reasonable distance.
    Does anyone know of such a mechanic?
    I am currently coaching him to make these posts himself but his language needs have slightly fewer expletives :oops: before any post would be acceptable to Admin :silent:.
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  3. ronwebb

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    As there was no response to the previous question, Douglas is trying another angle and asked me to post the following...

    I am the owner of a 6 year old BMW R 1200 GS and I love it. But recently I have started to have problems with the 'ABS' Integral braking system. I live in Khao Yai and have a good mechanic to look after the bike, I cannot afford Barcelona any more. But this problem has him stretched so I am looking for some body to help him out advising him either phone or email. I am not asking for charity, but assistance that I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for. Can any one help! Cheers, Douglas.
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    Sorry for Your Friend Ron. This was a common Fault with BMW as they got Older and I have heard of it a number of Times! But I thought normally the Bike still had Brakes just the ABS didn't Work? You either have to Bite the Bullet and Pay for New Parts or disconnect the ABS System and Ride without it? Maybe He would have more Luck doing a search on the Internet or looking up the Problem on different Forums etc? You could Try calling into Ask Joe as I know He has done a lot of work on BMW's for different people so no Doubt he has come across the same problem?

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