BMW R1200GS Adventure

Discussion in 'BMW Bikes In Thailand' started by tum_speedway, Dec 15, 2008.

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    BMW R1200GS Adventure

    By bunnag88[/img]
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  6. Ian Bungy

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    Tum I think the F800GS is Unstoppable :D The 1200 Adventure is Just a Cargo Vehicle but still a Great Bike :wink: If any of You get a Chance take the 800GS for a ride but have Your Check Book Handy as it is hard to Walk away after You have Ridden It Trust me, It is that Good :shock:
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  9. Azoulay

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    Hi Friends, Hi BMW's amators, Hi Tum_Speedway,

    Having discovered through the posts you already wrote you are with Barcelona Motor, do you have any idea of the price in TBH about this 1200GS Adventure in Thailand at present for a delivery in April or at latest in June ?

    Do you know something about the 1200 GS models that are currently available in LOS ?

    As commuting, few times a year between Europe & Thailand and living only 3 month a year in TH, I know better the European market than the Thai one; with which pack is coming the R 1200 GS Adventure in Thailand ?

    Personnally I would be interested by the R 1200 GS Adventure exactly in the configuration of the catalog pictures you introduced, however according to my informations the bike, as displayed, has few accessories and add-ons ...(tyres, wheels, cases, protections...) Is it this version model delivered normally in Thailand ? Sometimes for Makers onlyb export full option version abroad, I don't know for BMW.
    Idealy and if you have any possibility to know it would be helpfull for me to be inform about this as well as the order lead time and conditions.

    Thanks in advance Mate and please do not hesitate to PM me at the e-mail address you'll find in my profile.
  10. johngooding

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    The Adventure which is in stock in Thailand, so delivery can be immediate is priced at 1,110,000 Baht. It is the R1200GSA MU, which has a number of accessories including the electronically adjustable suspension, ABS, tyre pressure sensors, full computer etc. The R1200GS MU which i bought is 998,000, same sort of accessories, but no engine guards. The price is a drive away price, Tax, 1st class insurance, Number plate, (About 4 weeks), 2 year warranty. Discounts are unlikely unless policy changes, with some manufacturers like Kawasaki, offering lower price models into the market place.
    The GSA adventure is taller, fitted with pannier racking, but not the panniers and fitted with the engine guards. It has more offroad capability than the GS, but my view is that these bikes are to big heavy to do any real off road work, so as I spend over 90% of my time on surfaced roads, I decided the GS was a better option for me.

    The R1200GS Mu and the R1200GSA MU are the only models I have seen in the showrooms here, The non MU models without ABS, ESA, spoke wheels, tyre pressure sensors and computer are about 50,000 Baht cheaper, may be available to special order.
  11. artunltd

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    My curiosity was getting the best of me. I'm living in Korea. New GSR1200 here in Korea would go for about the same as in LOS. I'm from America and I was looking on Ebay. In the States you can buy a NEW (Demo with 3000km) 2008 R1200GS for $14,000 USD which is 489,000 bht!!!!!!!
    You can get a NEW 2009 G650X Country, 0 kms, for $7895 USD = 275,900bht!!!!!!!
    How can I fit both in my luggage???????????
    The price we have to pay............
  12. Azoulay

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    Hi Friends,

    Following my order of a brand new 1200 GSA, I placed some questions about compatible fuels in Thailand and BMW officially answered me through their Thai agent that:

    Quote "This bike able to operated on 91 octane fuel sir. ECU will adjust everything to let engine run on 91 octane without damaged. However, it was not mean that you should use 91 octane all the time. This bike was design to run on
    98 octane and minimum required was 95 octane. The GSA has ability on this function because customers always used them for long trips and it has chance that they cannot find 91 octane sometimes. This is the reason sir.

    We already got confirm mail from BMW Germany that BMW able to run on Gasohol E10 sir. If compare between 91 and 95 Gasohol, we prefer 95 Gasohol sir.
    " Unquote.

    Already a good and accurate answer.

    On an other hand, please be aware that ring antenna problems have been corrected on last models.

    As a matter of fact, BMW GS 1200 Adv which are distributed in LOS are the export model for USA.

    Hope it helps.
  13. Azoulay

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    Hi Friends,

    The BMW 1200 GS aAdventure, just to tell you that, at least, I got it !

    A fabulous bike, already 5000 Km on the clock with an uncomparable confort and enough power to enjoy.


    If at the begining, I was impressed by the volume it means, now, while riding it's like a bicycle, a problem could be the weight in the sand.
  14. BTW he did make it..

  15. Azoulay

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    Hi Ivan,

    You missed something to display the picture, agree with you a bit complicated but...
  16. zain

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    Agreed with you all that having riding GS,no words to say. I just owned a R1100GS and its a reliable 'metal horse'. I'll try to post the pic.
  17. Muzz

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    I had a 2007 model from new and sold it. I just found it too big. I have my HP2 which I have also had from new, for me a much better machine. Although the Adventure does look the part.
  18. johngooding

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    Hi Muzz, What medium did you use to sell it. eg Web site, dealer, private sale and what sort of percentage of purchase price did you lose on the sale in what sounds like less than 2 years. Cheers John. Welcome to pm if you rather not publish the info.
  19. Azoulay

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    Hi Friends,

    Having drived this BMW 1200 GS Adventure 2009 "only few thousands km" as I received it brand new from the official dealer in BKK last June, it seems to me "the ultimate bike for Thailand"...

    Safe, powerfull, fully featured and very confortable, for what I am doing the weight is not a problem as I won't go trial with it.

    Even if the Ducati is my prefered one, at my age I much prefer the confort of the BMW for my poor back...

    A pitty you sold it in the meantime I bought mine that I ordered in April, we might have found a common agreement...
  20. Azoulay

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    Hi Friends,

    Even if the post is titled BMW in Thailand, I dare to inform you about some information about the model which is delivered in Europe since the begining of January 2010, for the lucky one.

    BMW has informed me (as a good custommer) that they modify:

    -the engine which is now a DOHC
    -the injection map wher the ruptor has been delayed by 500 rotations
    -the tork which is wider
    -the supension where you can now adjust the front as well as the rear in the past
    -the exhaust pipe wher there is now a valve to give a better sound and an increase power (a bit like with the Akrapovic exhaust)
    -the color, Yellow will replace Red
    -the functions on the dashboard

    Apart from that, everything stays similar thus besides the engine, the bike does not receive a total liftup and this could be consider as minor changes.

    Being invited at a BMW Custommer Party on the 2nd of February, I expect to give you additional details and/or/or pictures.

    In France, BMW couldn't resist to sell it at some 500 € more (roughly +25.000 TBH). A bit ridiculous as behaviour....
  21. hs0zfe

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    Congrats Azoulay, you have a dream machine. 109 hp? I chose for 100 octane super fuel in Germany for my 1992 R 100 R. So both 95 and 91 octane would be far from perfect for your bike :(
  22. Azoulay

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    Hi Friends,

    Better late than ever, in fact I promised you a trial report of the "new 2010 BMW 1200 GS Adventure" model, here it is.

    So in fact I tooke advantage of this official BMW invitation to test the new model which is characterised by the following modifications/improvements:

    -the engine which is now a DOHC
    -the injection map where the ruptor has been delayed by 500 rotations
    -the tork which is wider
    -the supension where you can now adjust the front as well as the rear in the past
    -the exhaust pipe where there is now a valve to give a better sound and an increase power (a bit like with the Akrapovic exhaust)
    -the color, Yellow will replace Red
    -the functions on the dashboard

    According to my impression, this is far from being a "revolution" (French like this word) but more a smooth and soft "evolution" of the model.

    The Adventure is still massive, veloce like a bicycle when you are moving and evrything is well responding, a honest bike to ride long distances without being tired.

    I was not impressed by the engine changes (DOHC, injection map and exhaust modification) and did not felt a huge diffrence between mine (2009 model) fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust muffler.

    Happy to have such feeling as it means mine isn't obsolete yet...(after a year...).

    BMW seems to have difficulties to renew its star model and this is not this minor changes which will dynamise their sales again, few guest of this BMW party did agree on that.

    As HsOzFe mentioned 109 HP is quite model for a 1170 cc and I think is wanted the simple OHC engine coiuld easily deliver more with small attention, but in the state of affair, I don't think it's really necessary as its more than enough for the purpose.

    So to conclude on the bike, overall, it's a very nice bike, crazily expensive in Thailand, with wonderfull possibilities...Unstoppable...

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