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  1. Hi Guys

    I have just got a new bike, a BMW S1000XR received_10207118447589300-300x225.

    the bike was ordered through the BMW dealer in udon, when my wife ordered it they told her that it would be 6 week to 2 months lead time on the delivery of the bike.


    7 days later they called my wife and said that the bike had been delivered and was ready to go. It is a shame that at present i am not in Thailand so the original estimated would have been perfect as it would have been right on my return date into Thailand. So my wife has arranged all the purchase and delivery so now i have a great new bike waiting for me at home for when i arrive and can't wait to take it out for a ride once i get home





  2. Congratulations!

    Nice pics of BMW and MBW (most beloved wife)

  3. Congratulations. A Great Bike. I took a look at the one on Show at the BMW Stand at the last International Motor Show. Sat on it and everything was perfect. You could close Your Eyes and still automatically know where everything should be! Fantastic and So Comfortable! Real Competition for the New Multistrada and at a Better Price! The Test Reports in Magazines Rave about it some saying the Best Bike they have ever Ridden!!! Will be interested to hear what You have to say after some Time spend Riding it!

  4. Thanks Ian

    I am looking forward to getting home in a couple of weeks tim and hitting the road with the bike.

    I checked one out in Vancouver before i ordered one and you are right they are a very comfortable bike  and the Thai model comes fully loaded with all the extra packages which are options in many other countries.

    so the count down continues to coming back home.
  5. I am sure it will be a real Ripper. Fantastic Bike! The New GS1200 is also looking good at it's New Price Here! And I have read that there is a New Range coming including a Scrambler so lots happening with BMW.
  6. Hi

    I have finally returned home and have been out on the bike for the last 2 days and have racked up 880km. I have to say that the bike is great and is a big step up from my Versys which I had. the handling is far superior and the general feel is not comparable but I guess that why there is such a price difference. Tomorrow I go to get the first service and get the restrictor removed, so will have to see what difference that will have. So far I am very impressed with the bike and am looking forward to heading up to the north for a few days of riding in a but over a weeks time.


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