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  1. I called into the BMW Dealer here in Chiang Mai today and They had the New GX650 MOTO on Display, Great Looking Bike, Great Price as well 650.000 Baht !!! I expected them to be a bit cheaper or the same as the GS650 with current Exchange Rates but T.I.T. The Guy claims they are 65HP which is Pretty Good, and Only 4 in Thailand. It looks 100% better in the Flesh than the photos i have seen in the Magazines. No doubt it will be at the Chiang Mai Motor Show and the Bangkok Motorshow.
    The Xchallenge is the one i want to see (Enduro Version) which should be here within the Next 2 months they say. I will keep you posted.
    Cheers Ian.
  2. The usual marketing strategy of counting on the novelty factor to charge more for a new model (the G650X series) than for the old model, the F650GS. If for a moment we forget marketing forces at play here in setting the price, a G650Xmoto should not be significantly more expensive than the existing F650GS models, given that:
    (1) the engine is still the same old Rotax-developped unit as in the F650GS, just some minor changes in mapping and cams to find an extra 3 HP (the new model is higher revving, power and torque have shifted 500 revs up the RPM curve), so no major spending on R&D here as engine development takes up the bulk of R&D budgets. The G650X has also a smaller alternator, 280w output compared to the old F650GS's 400W unit.
    (2) production costs of the new G650X series should be lower as they are entirely built by subcontractors (engine by Rotax, the rest and final assembly by Aprilia) compared to the old F650GS series which are assembled by BMW in Germany.
    (3) as Ian pointed out, the trend in the FX rates for the strengthening baht should yield lower current prices.
    Basically, BMW Thailand charges more because they can get away with it. So far, they have no competition in this country.

    65 HP!: too good to be true...
    T.I.T., and as all too often is the case, sales staff in Thailand, whether at BMW or elsewhere, have no clue what they are selling.
    BMW claims only 53 HP for the G650X engine.
    (FYI, check out the comparison of the specs for the G650Xmoto, G650Xchallenge & F650GS Dakar at the following page: )

    I agree with you, Ian, as I consider the G650Xchallenge the first Beemer that might actually be a suitable bike for off-road touring/riding. Just too bad its 9.5 liter tank is so ridiculously small for that purpose. Even the 'old' F650GS Dakar's 17.5 liter tank was considered too small for long-distance touring into remote areas. Acerbis, IMS, etc. are going to make big bucks coming up with a (no doubt expensive) solution. Makes you wonder who BMW has in mind as a target market for the Xchallenge? Surely not the hard-core enduro market, with 144 kg dry weight the Xchallenge is about 30 kg too heavy to be a serious challenger for the Japanese enduro bikes or KTM, Huskie, etc. But then again, BMW has always called their GS series 'enduro' bikes (see their website). Talking about a misnomer...
  3. Just received the 'blurb' from BMW in today's mail, (presume other BMW owners did as well.

    It says the G650X model series will be on display at the Bangkok Motor Show.

    Also they have 4 R1200GS HP2 Enduro's on Special Offer (does that mean they didn't sell)
  4. basicly can t do much on this kind of bike ...
    Today i was riding with a friend of mine on the samoeng loop ,he got a KTM 640 super moto ,so basicly the same power ...
    He was complaining a lot about lack of power......
    The samoeng loop should be the place you should enjoy this kind of bike
    ,so to be disappointed in that kind of area ,where it should be excellent ,is a sign.....
    I think a gs 650 is more interesting ,it can do everything or most of .....
    I think honestly that the Ducati Hypermotard will be 10 times better than this GX.
  5. Hi All,
    Sorry for the Misinformation!!! Shows that none of the Sales People here actually Know what they are selling. John,One HP2 has been in the Showroom here since Last year. Guy said only Farang can Ride it as to Big for Thai's??? I think the Problem is the GS1200 is cheaper and more practical. For the Xchallenge i think get a New XR650R and leave the Extra 200.000 Baht in the Bank? Be interesting to see what's at the Motor Show.
    Cheers Ian.
  6. Ian, when I was in the BMW Showroom up there in CNX, the salesman said the HP2 on display in the showroom has already been sold, so wonder why its still sitting there, that was in early Jan

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