Bo Kaeo through to Mae Win

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  1. The previous time I did this trip was in February 2009, on a Honda Wave and you can see EXTENSIVE! images of that ride here

    Today instead of a Wave, I was on a DTracker and it was perfect.

    Tarmac, concrete, cobbles, ruts, pot holes, loose pebbles & bolders & talcum powder, this bike got me over the varied surfaces with fun, comfort and confidence.

    Within the middle stretch, after Bo Kaeo, is where I took most of my photos today looking out over the massive amount of mining going on with the accompanying road damage either side.

    My journey ended with torrential rain which was also a lot of fun, quenching the scorch of the searing last few months.

    A note for Big Al, the Harley rider, this is a definite ‘no-no’ route for such a bike. Note to self - WTF do I put my opinions into writing, everyone else wants to add theirs to my ride report.

    145km round trip and another Geocahe hide made enroute ! :geek1:






  2. I rode that route last November two-up with my wife's cousin on the back of a D-Tracker as she was visiting us up in Mae Rim but lives in Mae Sapok, one of the villages east of Sanpatong on the 1013. (She runs the local hair cutting place right at the entrance to Mae Sapok, a gorgeous single 40 something Thai-Karen who speaks no English but is the ultimate catch for a Thai-speaking ex-pat gentleman if any such person exists) It is a great day loop out of Chiang Mai with only about 10km of dirt going up from Bo Kaeo to the southwest past the large mining operation to the Mong village whose name I don't remember but it is on fearless leader's loop map. If I could ride it two-up in the dry season then others could ride it single in the dry season on a street bike or cruiser, but there were a few short downhill stretches on loose dirt that will be more like slowly walking than riding. We left my house (about 30 minutes northeast of Samoeng) after 10:00AM and arrived in Mae Sapok just after 3:00PM, riding conservatively the entire way. Some upper sections of the 1013 are narrower, steeper, and twistier than the 1095 to Pai and there are views to match.
  3. Ally
    Nice one alright, & what a contrast these two photos provide.
    That open cut tin mine never ceases to amaze me. There are people still working the mine after 20+ years, & what an eye sore it has become. Truly amazing.
  4. Nice one Ally, need to talk about this next time we meet, would be a good dayride with you & Fiu.............. :clap: .........cheers, Franz

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