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  1. Just wondering what body armour people are using.

    The real good alpinstar armour I have is way too hot.. But bloody good when crashing. Snug in the Lao cool season riding.

    The lighter stuff just doesn't seem to cut it..

    Any recommendations on body armour that will let you breathe but still give good protection?

    Last resort is the gym and getting fit

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  2. Well I'm happy with my riding jackets with built in body armour - Alpinestars & Komine Super Titanium jackets, but I only really ride on the road nowadays.

    There's a Riding Jacket thread that may help some guys here
    What safety jackets are you wearing?

    but again this is probably not what you are looking for.
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    DSC_2309-1024x576.JPG Needs to be proper body armour.
    Learnt the hard way with road jackets and road helmets when bush whacking first starting to ride trails. Plus the jackets get ripped and torn on trees and hard impacts on the rocks.

    The more technical the quicker you over heat. You just cook in 5 mins, the helmet fills with sweat and feels like lead.

    The same way as off road armour isn't really appropriate on the tarmac

    Closest I have found, when friends visit is a light mesh jacket when on Lao trips. But not good enough on the rocky stuff.
  4. Not having much success finding good quality, light, but sturdy armour.
    Checked out Paddock and Dirtshop as well as Dirtworx (Pattaya)

    All too hot or not enough support around the shoulder area for crashing on the rocks.

    There are a couple of good pieces of armour at Dirtshop... But.. again, too heavy and the one that tempted me.
    Managed to snag the zipper every time, as the stitching is too close the to armour at one point

    If you are struggling with the zipper in the shop..
    It will only get damaged and torn at the end of a ride or when over heating.

    Will start to look at overseas websites.

  5. About a month back.. Picked up this body armour.

    So much more comfortable when bush whacking on the weekend rides.

    Well vented, shoulder protection.
    As it is mx orientated no lower arm protection. Have some elbow / lower arm protection on the way. Until then dusted off some roller blade elbow protectors.

    For Lao and bigger trips with more tarmac involved will use my normal offroad body armour. Not designed for road use, but a bit better protected if you go for a slide on the tarmac. DSC_2529-768x1365.JPG _20160916_161626-768x1156.JPG DSC_2530-600x1067.JPG DSC_2531-600x1067.JPG
  6. Personally I do not like the mesh combination sets. I think not only do they look ugly, feel ugly and as you pointed out really don't breath well which makes them too hot. For taking newbies, tourista's and such, they are well suited as they offer loads of protection,take loads of abuse and are economical. Probably a good idea on the tarmac too. And yes, those damn zippers have a lot of strain on them when you first connect them because of the elastic cloth.
    I like your Fox chest protector, most of my mates are running Fox. I think its a pain to find good riding gear that you are comfortable with in both its wear and protection. Not just in LOS but in many countries like this 4th world one I work in where you can only get low quality cheap crap because the locals are too cheap to get quality. Not having a good selection available to compare just makes it worse. All of my gear has been mail ordered from Rocky Mountain ATV in the USA except my Zac Speed that was direct from them. My mates get most from Drysdales and another company whose name escapes me in the UK. I currently use a Leatt 5.5 Pro but stripped down. I removed the shoulder cups as they are poorly connected (supposedly this has been improved) and arm pads as in the harder terrain your going too slow to need them anyway. Scrapes and bloodletting are part of the game. If your not falling your not riding hard enough. :)
    Protection 01.

    I use to run a Zac Speed SD-3 which was pretty darned nice bit of kit. I somehow have miss placed the one should cup...have to find that. Its nice because it has an integrated pack plus 3 liter water bladder. I used it for 3 years until I felt I needed less weight up high. Its still a favorite for me.
    Protection 04.

    I have two sets of elbow pads I use. A cheap and effective Answer and a Leatt 3DF. I tend to use the Answer more than the Leatt only because its easier to put on and off and I am lazy. The Leatt is really nice works best under the jersey which I don't like for some reason. I should start using them more as they stay in place and the Answer is always wandering about no matter how tight plus they turn my heart rate monitor off, the buggers.
    Protection 02.
    I have a set of Allsport Dyamics Wrist braces (bottom above) which I needed for about a year and I love them. Also above is my Leatt Dual Axis knee pads which I do not use anymore. Great pads but I will never use knee pads again as while they give great protection to blows they do nothing for rotational movement which the knee is more vulnerable too in enduro. I got lucky last year and didn't blow my knee out but it sure as shit hurt like hell and took a few days for me to be able to ride again. I swear by my Asterisk braces (below) Worth every damn penny! While I am not so keen on the fit in the upper boot they have saved my knees a lot and don't ride without them. They are just as important as the lid on your head.
    Protection 03.
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  7. I am having the same trouble. Got a mesh jacket with shoulder and elbow armor - bought at a HD dealer in Canada. Works OK, and cool when moving. Tried the Bohn brand - wear under your clothes. The knee pads kept moving around, so no faith in them in the event of a spill. Will try the Scoyco from Chiang Rai saddlebags this year, for knee and lower leg protection. Probably bring back a pair of shorts with padding from N. America. See how this works. Already have A-Star boots and decent gloves which have lasted a good long while now. The boots are vented so not too hot.
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  8. S
    Some great info shared.. Thanks.
    The above will be helpful to others I am sure.. as we can't be the only ones cooking out there.

    This Sunday just gone.. Did 130 KM ride.. Didn't feel the dire need to take off the new body armour every stop like before.. So so so much better.. plus the air really does get in and super light.

    You gave me a good laugh when you started on zippers..
    I have lost count how many zippers have blown out on the trails / big rides.

    Also when you can't get it fixed for a few towns.. Improvisation with cable ties

    In Lao I have have had two new zippers replaced at Kasi, two zippers at Luang Prabang.
    Once in Attapue and Muang Sing.. Lets not even start on Thailand LOL

    Muang Sing.

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  9. Ah, the infamous alternative to duct tape...cable ties - never leave home without it. I keep a dozen strapped to my forks. :) We almost had to do that yesterday. :p At least in SEA we have the luxury of finding someone who can repair it quickly...unlike more developed areas. Got to love the willingness and handiness of the people and their creative solutions to problems.

    Happy to hear you were much cooler with the new kit, I don't think as much thought goes into the design of the one piece sets compared to the standard MX gear. Probably because the demand is much higher and the one piece stuff is made for the occasional weekend warrior not the serious hobbyist or racer for sure. People do not realize how much energy is expended riding dirt bikes and thats a lot of internal heat that needs to dissipate too. A lot of that dissipation is via our heads, which many people never realize and why small cuts on our scalps bleed like hell, so a well ventilated helmet is even more important. Depending on our ride profile I will range from as low as 300 calories an hour to 1200 calories per hour. At Romaniacs this year, I was burning 5400 calories in just over 3 hours until I overstressed my not quite healed broken ankle again. So cardio fitness is very important for efficiency not only for fitness but cooling the body as well as our kit being ventilated and comfortable to allow proper cooling and not overheating. Loosing 21kg has made a huge difference in my riding ability and endurance.

    130km, nice...more than doubled our rather dismal ride yesterday, only 54km...guests forgot to mention they had a time limit until just before our planned half way point. Tuesday should be better...I hope.
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  10. Looking for mesh style adventure jacket for longer trips to lso. May be modify a mesh jacket with bits of armor from old enduro body armour. Then found this. Good fit, snug. Will breathe , most importantly fits flat so can easily be packed for plane etc.. Shoulder protection. lower arm protection separate. no more clingy enduro gear.

    Only 3200 baht at paddock. winner.
    Separate lower arm and elbow protectors around 2400 or so. forget now.
  11. Cheap but okay: B1200
    body armor.
    i fall a lot; nearly every trail ride
    so far, no orthopaedic damage
  12. Those look good Alamo. What Brand ? Where did you buy them ? 1200 baht can't be beat.
  13. Ebay seller: 'anybestbuy'
  14. Took my Bohn out of storage - the knee, elbow and shoulder pads crumble to the touch. Some type of rubber mix. 5-6 years old. Now junk.
    Bought from CR Saddlebags the Scoyco 003 hinged knee protection and the forearm/elbow armor. 1900 baht delivered. Made bank deposit Thursday morning, was in CNX Friday. Can't beat that service ! Been wearing them daily since received. Good quality - at the price point. Secure elastic w/Velcro. Have not moved around - unlike the Bohn. If I am still pleased with them down the road will add a set of padded shorts - most likely Forcefield. Pricy stuff - but will be my last pair until I start to dribble my soup ! Kudos to Woraphat at CRS !!!
  15. I can vouch for the Scoyco knee guards - twice on R118. Never felt a thing & no body damage around the knee.
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  16. I hope I never find out - but thanks !
  17. Went thru Woraphat at CR Saddlebags and picked up Scoyco AMD02 armor set. Found the elbow and lower arm guards I got before would slide down my arm - these are connected so stay put. Wide elastic to adjust how tight you like them, velcro on the back for up and down adjustment. Just a short ride so far but seem OK.
    Body Armor-AM02-Motocross Body Armor----SCOYCO | Let's Enjoy Riding
  18. fb_img_1478008189687-.
    Have to say.. This was a winner with the elbow guard on the recent Lao trip.
    Packs up nice and tight for travel on the train etc..

    The bigger bulky armour is great for weekend bush whacking where you know you will fall off and may be take a tree or two out..

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  19. I have this one too. Comfortable and cool for me. Bought from Peter Stevens in Aus for just under 9k I thing. Zip bust on first trip!
  20. OOps. Double post.

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