What safety jackets are you wearing?

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  1. In view of my recent slide down the road


    and disappointment with the toughness of my recently acquired 8,000 baht Revit Tornado jacket


    which ended up like this



    I thought it might be an interesting thread to see what jackets everyone is actually wearing.

    My main jacket is an Alpinestars Breeze mesh jacket


    which I think is a lot tougher than than the Revit Tornado, however as the years go by I'm finding it too hot in the heat, & looking for something cooler.

    and am now thinking about one of these Komine Supreme Titanium Mesh Jackets

    (Chiang Rai Saddle Bags can you get these?)

    I also used to wear a Joe Rocket Ballistic jacket

    but found that less than satisfactory with a fall in Hongsa in 2007.

    So what are you actually wearing..
  2. For toughness a friend of mine swears by BMW jackets. In his opinion - I didn't research whether that's true or not - they're made from a different kind of mesh that will actually hold up in a crash. Hard to get and expensive though.

    My best city jacket was a YellowCorn one - it felt a bit flimsy but protected me perfectly in 2 crashes. The mesh got a big tear though, similar to your Revit Jacket above. It was very comfortable, and cool(!!). Having this jacket on day to day in the city felt cooler than having it off.

    All the other jackets I tried were hot and uncomfortable, Revit Airwave, Dainese Air (something), and a cheap RS Taichi. The latter two were both black so that was a mistake right from the get-go. I am sure the Dainese would be a lot cooler in white. But I think what makes both the Revit and the Dainese hot is the inner liner - it's uncomfortable on naked skin and kind of sticky. The YC had a smooth, comfortable inner liner that didn't stick at all.

    I was thinking of getting a light colored leather jacket for city riding but not sure it won't be too hot too. Leather jackets should survive falls much better.
  3. I bought one of that Komine jackets from a shop in Bangkok. I find it hard to buy any gear that lasts longer than a couple of years. This one didn't either. The actual jacket and protection are pretty good but the zips fell apart after 18 months. The sliding bit just disintegrated, on both zips on the sleeve. The price of riding gear in Thailand is bordering on the obscene. I bought a Xeneon Air jacket, AST-1 waterproof trousers and a pair of SMX-2 carbon gloves, all Alpinestar in Singapore for less than 10,000B. I also have a Spada leather jacket which is tough as old boots, but a tad on the warm side. It was crash tested and there is hardly a mark on it. I have been thinking about buying these Draggin or Hood Kevlar jeans but they seem rather pricey. What is wrong with the Revit jacket, it did what it is supposed to do? 8,000B ain't a lot if you are OK?
  4. I was wearing a soft shell fleece when I had my one and only real riding accident. The bike went under the front of a minivan, luckily I was thrown clear and was dazed but only had a little hole in my elbow.

    I've been wearing a First Gear meshtex jacket and pants which zip together ever since. really cool and you have a waterproof liner which will fit in a pocket.
    the colours faded after 5 years but its still a decent wellmade jacket. I got it in a closeout from the US.

    I've just started wearing a Scorpion XDR master jacket which I also got in a closeout in the US.

    it's got a very substantial waterproof liner but when removed the jackets very cool even in the Black colour. it's got loads of straps to keep the jacket tight and in place which is important as you mention in the accident. A nice touch is you can put a camelbak type of thing in the back, makes the jacket heavy with a 3L pack of water but when you sit on the bike the weight is transfered to the seat so you don't feel the weight. its been seriously hot up here the last week and I wore this jacket for 14 hours and didn't work up a sweat and had cool water on tap.

    the thing with importing a jacket from the states is you know it's a quality piece of kit even though it was made in China or somewhere it has to meet tougher standards I suspect.
  5. In Austria for the colder climate I use a RACER VENTO jacket with removeable fleece liner for winter plus a RACER ADVENTURE PLUS trousers with the same features as the jacket. Both are perfect for colder climate but too hot in LOS. Still look like new although I had one crash with this set. As boots I wear my old RACER leather boots and they look quite 'used' and stopped holding back the rains a year ago. But the jacket & trousers are still waterproof.

    In Thailand you will always see me with one of my 2 RACER SUMMERFUN jackets, one black, one blue. The blue one already had to endure 3 crashes but has no wear anywhere. It is a mesh jacket and very good in our climate here, gives enough ventilation too. Additionally I wear a matching trousers called RACER FUN. With all the jackets/trousers they are zipped together on the back. All protectors can be removed for easier washing. All sizes are XXL and start to get a little too wide now, not because of the quality but because of my declining body weight.
    My blue jacket is already 6 years old and other than fading blue it is still a perfect one for me, even the Velcro straps are still good to go.
    As boots I use Alpinestars S-MX5 but I will soon replace them with RACER ones too as too heavy, stiff and built for smaller feet than mine.

    As for gloves, well in Austria I use some that are also good in cold times and here in LOS also RACER ones but adopted to the hot weather they are SPEEDTOP gloves. I then additionally have a rainoverall by SIDI in AUT and a REV'IT rainjacket for LOS biking, further on a kidney belt by RACER for the scooter.

    For extreme hot weather I have here also a Mesh Bodyarmour by UFO and that one starts to disintegrate already not only because of some crashes with it but of a lower quality too.

    I do not know if RACER products are available here but I like them as exactly fitting our European luxury bodies.
    Can look at their products at:


    Ride safe ! Franz
  6. Come and Try out My Komine Titanium Jacket David. I have a Brand New one for a Spare! Really Comfortable and Full Armour yet still well ventilated!
  7. When I had my accident I was wearing a BMW Rally 2 Pro jacket zipped into a pair of BMW Airflow 3 pants.
    Both jacket and pants were serviceable after the accident, but as I had lots of injuries, I told them to cut it all off.
    This I regretted when I got out of ICU 3-4 days later.
    Sure the jacket had scratches, but nothing worn through and I was 25-30 meter from the bike when I woke up.
    Good stuff, but hard to find Rally 2 Pro suits anymore.

    My current setup is Alpinestars T-GP R Air Jacket, half mesh/textile with a removable wind proof liner. Seems sturdy enough, but not willing to take another accident just to test it out.
    For rainy weather I've got a KTM Rally Jacket, which was a steal on ebay for 210 usd.
  8. attachment.php?attachmentid=15844&d=1368517380

    If you can't get this up north.. Pretty sure Paddock has them. I picked up mine there.
    I like the jacket and good ventilation along with the neck brace to support your head.

    There are three buttons on the inside elbow to allow a more snug fit.. After David's slide.. I moved them up one more notch so the elbow protector won't move if a slide happens..
    The only thing I don't like is the back protector only goes 2/3 of the way down.. Nothing there for your lower back.. So picked up a kidney belt at Paddock and use that when wearing this jacket.

    We should look at knee and foot / ankle protection.
    Davids knee guards were given a pretty good hammering..
    Makes me think twice now about my Alpinestar Kevlar jeans with knee inserts I wear at times... Pretty weak and flimsy and would slide around and there goes your knee on the road.
    (OK for around town, but not on the highway)

    The matching pants I have for this Jacket have pretty good knee protection and zip in to one piece with the jacket.

    Wearing Sidi Adventure boots on the Versys. Sidi offroad boots on the KLX.. Really like this brand.. Good fit and comfortable.
    Also picked these up at Paddock, price was less than the US websites.

  9. looks like they have thought of everything with that jacket. A matching pair of pants zipped in so your not exposing the lower back would make sense too.

    I think we have all tightened our jackets up a notch this week thanks to Davids experience and are riding a little bit safer :)
  10. Thanks for all the feedback guys. If some of you want to post photos of your jackets - please do - because that would be more helpful to other riders I am sure.

    Brian commented on my knee sliders

    these worked well -stayed in place.
  11. This thread could be a sticky David.

    Certainly a help to new riders or riders looking for new jackets and safety gear with feedback from riders wearing the kit.

  12. Done. Now let's have some photos & posts on what riders are actually wearing. Bring it on guys....
  13. Triumph jacket, Black Ash trousers & Altburg Clubman Roadster boots. Have a BKS 2 piece, custom made leather suit as well - but only wear it in winter. Past two winters have not been cold enough to use it. Caburg flip up helmet.
  14. A new convert to them but my Rukka jacket is the best I have ever used I do a lot of miles in various conditions and it is holding up the best yet,interestingly the genuine Triumph leather jacket purchased from Main dealer Uk is made in Vietnham no problem with it :) wonder if its cheaper to buy in Asia.

    Safe riding
  15. I've been using my RUKKA jacket since 1996 and it is still wearing well although a bit hot and heavy for this climate. It is the longer touring style so I usually ride with the bottom and top zip opened up a bit to get a bit of a breeze. I've been fortunate enough not to have tested it in an 'off' but the material looks good and strong although, having noted David's recent experience, the elbow protectors might move a little.
  16. When last I was in the States I picked up a Joe Rocket Hemp Jacket-
    Interesting that hemp is almost as abrasion resistant as cowhide, and if I get stranded in the jungle I can always smoke my jacket ;)
    (Just kidding- smoking hemp results in a headache, not a high!) avatar49.

    It's hotter than I thought it would be so honestly I don't wear it all that much here, but it's alright in the evenings and should be good for the winter months.

    Usually wear full leathers (Speed-R from Taiwan) when on the sport bike, and while it might look a bit odd, they're really really comfortable. Have gone down at speed in these leathers and they saved from a whole lot of wear and tear! All the way to Cameron Highlands and back, safe and secure in 3mm leather and CE armor all around. Add a boom stick and I felt like king of the world :lol-sign:

    For our big US tour last summer I bought matching Tourmaster Jett 3 jackets-
    Great economical jackets- completely waterproof when zipped up so we didn't need to carry rain jackets, only rain pants, and CE armor in the shoulders, elbows and back. Good quality at a very reasonable price.
  17. When not riding just in the city I am always wearing an leather Revit Apollo jacket. Now a bit more as 2 years old and it still in very good condition. It is indeed tight on the body and that feels good when riding. As of heat I prefer leather above "plastic" ... I tried it once and the moment I stopped it felt like I was wearing a plastic bag and started sweating like a pig. I still would like to have a light leather jacket with leather re-inforcment for riding in the city, as I am no just wearing a normal jacket while in the city.

    As trouser I bought an cargo-trouser with kevlar from Sartso, because they use the biggest part of kevlar. Feels good and I hope the kevlar will do its job when needed.
    I also always wear my long boots (Rivit) and gloves (just bought new Rivit gloves and they feels so comfortable).

    Chang Noi
  18. Just an add on for some of you who might have wondered...what about my riding pants...

    well these were my backup pants on this trip


    minimal damage & no body damage.
    & perhaps a bit surprising too considering my body weight sliding down the road.
    And the pants
    Joe Rocket, bought in Tachilek of all places; but I think these were the real thing.
  19. I have bought a few things at 320 SP now.
    Gloves, helmet, amongst other accessories like ramp for the pick-up (ute).
    No fakes so far.. of course they have a load of cheap crap for sale too.

    320 sell at wholesales prices.. So you wont get a discount like you do at Paddock and Dirtshop.
    The other two shops have a broader selection of gear.

    Example being the ramp at 500 baht cheaper than Dirtshop.

    Still being a newbie to the biking scene.. 3 years.. have tried a few Jackets.

    First one.. no pic.. too large and no idea what I was buying.. Never wear it any more.
    If a 6ft giant weighing 120 kg with gut and arms to match visit me.. it will be a perfect fit.

    Next one picked up in Singapore at Regina.

    This is for the Ninja trips out of Bangkok.. Comfy, strong fabric and back protection that goes all the way down..

    This was my first run around town Bangkok jacket.. Elbow, shoulder and medium back protection..
    This has been used on a few Lao trips by people that had no gear..
    You can see the top left has a tear in it where my mate Tim was run off the road by a bus and ended up in the drain running along the side of the road. Needless to say.. He was glad he had this on..

    My new run around town jacket.. Cool and a bit more procection than the one above..


    Picked this one up in the US when on a business trip. Too heavy and hot for here. Listed as touring jacket on the website.
    Wore in on the first Ninja trip to Lao. Was OK as December.. But middle of the day was a bit hot.
    If I was to ride in a cooler climate, would take this jacket.. eg.. Australia Spring / Autumn.


  20. Yeah I bought a H-D mesh with shoulder & elbow armour pads years ago..... worn it once!

    I like brian_bkk's RS Taichi jacket above...... anyone any instant info if available in Chiang Mai, and price?
  21. Looked at BMW air flow jackets today - a very funny experience at BMW Chiang Mai, something you don't see very often in a shop: At first, denial. No, we don't have any thing. Then, admission "well, we have a jacket". Later on, "OK, so we have helmets, too". Everyone acted as if they'd rather clean toilets than selling some bike gear.... then we waited 15 minutes until they got the appalling bike gear into their nice car showroom, we took it out of the boxes there next to the leather couch. They had one jacket and two helmets. They were also unawares that one needs to try a helmet before ordering it for 30,000+... par for the course at ClownWerks BMW Chiang Mai.

    Anyway the jacket is very nice, and I was intrigued by the fact that it's using blackcool technology - if I recall correctly it's a new tech that prevents black garments from heating up. Only 25,000 excluding tax at Barcelona Chiang Mai.... I might try to get one overseas...
  22. No idea, it was about 8 years ago! Maybe I just didn't like the baggy slightly too loose feeling. So I took it out of it's bag a couple days ago and found that it's now a bloody good fit..... :lolno: so I might start wearing it! Trouble is it was a fore-runner to the good elbow and shoulder protective jackets you get nowadays, with very poor inserts, so I think I'll have a look at some decent separates and use those...... maybe they'll fit the inside "pockets" for the shoulder & elbow pads or maybe I'll have to modify it. Either way it might turn out better than some of the jackets I tried on at Zeromet the other day....... terrific bicep and forearm pads but bugger-all for shoulders and elbows!
  23. Just popped in to everyone's favourite Chiang Mai motorcycle accessory shop on Sri Donchai road and they had exactly what I was looking for...... and far better than the original H-D fabric padding inserts...... a set of really good elbow and shoulder armour separates which slid perfectly into the "pockets" inside my mesh jacket..... 400 baht, sorted! :D

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