Boored at home so going for a ride 408Km in 5hrs

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  1. Roads 23,2002,202,2112,2134,217,213and then ring road and back to 23 on the way home.
    Darn it has been booring, so today i had to get up and riding, went to Google maps and looked what king of look i could make a and came up with this
    408Km in lenght and i started at 12 noon time,, and yes it was hot,, did i say that it was hot hot,, +34.5C air flow temperaure while riding.
    Nice weather when i left home and no traic on HW 23
    While i was riding idea came to my mind, that should i get bike cleaned,, it havent seen water since CM bike week
    RD 2002 i pass by this village, they all make traingle pillows and all houses selling them as well.
    Nice roads(in the begining)
    No traffic and ONLY 2 idiots today on the road, both of them where over taking cars in BLIND bend what was right turn for me and they came against me on the wrong side of the road,, well "international sign lanquage was shown ammongs the horn, i know it wont help but i felt better)
    Why im riding wrong side of the road,,well look the road, full of potholes
    RD 2112 with in 109Km there was total of 15km pothole sections.
    Potholes an then again potholes
    I mean serious potholes
    after potholes Brilliant road and speed is up again BUT behind next curve was again....
    Serious set of potholes,, and i got hit 1 time really hard as there was no way to stop so fast...
    and again nice roads
    In this loop any idea where is this nice white marble Temple located?
    on road 217 is very famos it's drums but they cost a lot of money, i went to ask one time,few yrs back and simple small drum cost about 40K

    I know many(most) do not like to ride night time, but i some how do and reasson is my head light's 5000K low nd high beam, it gives me bright and really wide view

    Last but not least Trip data from my GPS
  2. Yeah North is fun with often 11 degrees (in Maerim) in the morning! Even shower is not hot :(!

    I like the Google maps but have to find out how to draw it properly, particularly for slightly different itineraries than the proposed one. It gives easy overview about tours, without searching route numbers on maps.

    Any advise?
  3. Colin

    Yes i know it's cooler up there but in current situation i can't leave my home as i have 2 small rottweiler pussies here and they need so Dicipliner action daily and other reasson is work as im wating something to be confirmed eithe way, before that is cleared eiter i can go ridig up or i go work.
    16th Jan i will be in Nong Khai.


    Google maps are really easy to work with and only what you need to find is your "Starting" point, then on your mous right click and point get direction from here and then zoom your map to large scale and then when you find your next turning point "Right" click again and to here and you will get route drawed to you, then next and same with mouse.

    IF your route is not what you wanted MOVE your point little bit back wards as then Maps will automatically re-dreaw it, then then yu get your whole round as you wanted then in your computer Key board there is"Print Screen button (PRTSC) PUSH THAT and you had your page coied, then open your picture editing program or microsoft paint and then paste or CTRL-V (Paste) and you will get screen picture to there, and then you cn Crop it, this should work
  4. Yeah Marco you must have been really bored !!! Doing this pothole slalom and then go home during dusk and dark with all kinda insects and flies sticking all over your front is no joy.......especially with oncoming Somchai's pick-up having the highbeams on and not reacting to your flashing lights, or unlighted 'Iten' riding 5kms/hr, without lights naturally. You know the stationary one pot Diesel driven agrisomethings.......55555.
    What happened to your hand usually it's more stable and fotos aren't that blurred, ahhhhhhhh couldn't get back home quick enough to your sofa and the yellowish chilled fluid :evil: you call beer :twisted: ........ :wink: :? . Cheers, Franz
  5. Thank you Marco, I will try to follow your hints. It is really easier than: scan a map ... stabilo color ... scan again :). It needs a little practice as I have not yet played a lot with Google maps.
  6. Franz

    I actually LOVE riding night time, especially here as i know all the roads and road from ubon to my home 40Km is NOW 4lane super fastsmooth and i usually done abt 130km/h in that 40km and pissing of Somchais with my 5000K HID head lights and for the record, Im OFF from Chang now few few weeks, just giving my lacy body time to rest....

    Day ride was dispite potholes enjoyble but darn hot and i saw new roads and found that i dont need to go anywhere in those roads as there was actually NOTHING to see.

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