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  1. Hi, do you old buggers suggest getting booster shots or vacines before coming to Thailand. I believe the Thai consulate website states "no vacinations needed" . I had a hep. B vacine in 2000. Also, how prevelent is Malaria? are local villagers plaqued by it? is it wise to take the pills often?
    -on a lighter note, the Canadian Jr. Hockey team are world champs, finally beating the Russians 6-1, and going undefeated in the tourny.

    Dave McC

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  2. Well, to reply to my own ?, I just got a combination Hepatitis A&B shot called Twinrex, here in Canada. It cost around 30$ and is given in a series of three shots. It's claimed to last over 15 yrs.

    Dave M

    "when in doubt, gas it!"
  3. Dave
    Take a look at ... OPIC_ID=11
    and you will see a reply in there.
    The general idea is to listen to your local doctor.

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