Border crossing advice needed: Cambodia to Thailand to Malaysia to Indonesia to OZ

Apr 10, 2012
Hi people,

Every now and again someone gets a crazy idea in their head. This happened to me last night. I have a bike I rather like in Cambodia, but contract ends August and am heading back to Australia. Is there even a remote possibility I could ride it home? I've successfully crossed into Thailand (and back) previously from Cambodia. Does anyone know if it'd be possible to cross into Malaysia, then Indonesia... all on a Cambodia registered bike? Then I'll just chuck it on a boat in Jakarta or something and pick it up in Darwin.

This is a pretty over the top idea. But if it can be done, it must be done! If anyone's successfully done this, please let me know.


PS - found this from Wolfgang, but does not answer my main question whether it would be ok to take a Cambodia registered bike across Thailand into Malaysia, then Indonesia... would Thailand/Malaysia/Indonesia let the bike out of their countries?: