Border crossing Ban Prakkad, update

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  1. We made a visa trip, crossing the border at Ban Prakkad/Prum,(coming from Chanthaburi) and stayed in Battambang for the night.
    This is the 3rd time we take this crossing, and every time it is different at the Cambodian side.
    FYI, Thai immigration moved to a makeshift building, a huge construction of a new multi story building has started, this border crossing is gaining status.
    Thai custom and immigration work efficient and friendly, each time.
    Custom at the Cambodian side were at a loss when we arrived, that also happens each time.
    The officers needed to make a long phonecall to finally conclude that a Thai registerred bike could not enter Cambodia.
    Finally we settled for leaving our Thai origanal temporarely import/export documents with the officer.
    That is risky, because some documents need to me returned to the Thai customs.
    (When we reurned we found them back, after 30 minutes searching the custom house.)
    My advice (what I would do next time we cross here) is to leave the custom alone and continue the journey after obtaining the visa.
    You receive no document whatsoever for the 'imported' bike anyway.
    I think it is doing them a favour.
    BTW, road to Battambang is okay ref Thai standards.
  2. At any Thai/Cambodian border crossing,once you have cleared Cambodian immigration, do not go to customs as not necessary, I have never had a problem with this.. Just remember that you only get a 1 month exit permit from Thailand.
  3. May be Hudaji, but do the Cambodians know this? At Ban Prakkad we were stopped by immigration officials and sent to the custom office across the road when they saw we entered on a Thai registered motorbike, first and second trip. Third trip we went there voluntary and ran into a custom officer who did not want us to enter the country with the bike. We convinced him that he made a mistake but he kept our Thai temporarily export documents to make sure we would leave Cambodia after reporting back to him. We will try to sneak in next trip.

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