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  1. Hi GT bikers.
    I am planning for a trip from Vietnam thru Cambodia - Thailand - Malaysia and back.
    Someone please tell me what are the border checkpoints which I can cross with motorcycle between Thailand and Malaysia?
    Do you know what are the procedures, what kind of documents or legal requirements which I need to apply?
    Thank you.
  2. Hi,

    I went to Malaysia last month with some Thai friends. We entered Malaysia at the Sadao Border check point. On the way back, we came into Thailand at the Betong Check Point. Sadao check point is safer. Betong and the neighbouring states have some insurgencies and have lots of military police check posts.

    All the bikes were registered in Thailand so we had to get the vehicle registration translated in English. Your case may be different.

    When entering Malaysia, had to buy compulsory insurance and had to get temporary registration for the bikes. I think when taking the bikes out of Thailand, one has to declare the bikes at Customs (maybe not in your case), stating the bikes were leaving the country otherwise on return one may land up paying import duty. We didn't declare anything, but while returning were informed about this by the immigration authorities at Betong. Luckily we had no issues, but suggest you check on that.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you.
    Great advice on Sadao checkpoint. I will follow that route.
    Don't know if there is any different treat to 3rd country bike number plate ̣̣̣(i.e. Vietnam or Cambodia)?
    Do they need the bike ownership (registration) the same as name on Passport?
    About insurance, there will be flat rate for a year of insurance or we can buy for short term, i.e. 1 month?

    Ah, btw here 's my route planning:

  4. See you in Singapore soon buddy

  5. insurance for the bikes if over 500 cc is 900 baht for 30 days,

    Another more interesting crossing is at Wang Prachan/Wang Kelian, thats outside Satun.
    You turn off before you hit Trang
    not as direct as Sadao but nicer ride thru countryside.
    only downfall is from the boarder to Alor Setar ur heading thru small towns till you hit alor setar than u can get back on the highway heading south

    DO NOT plan a trip to Cameroon highlands on the weekends unless ur really into traffic jams
    Make sure u have MYR with you as sometimes hard to change

    If you go via Sadao the place where you get insurance an your pass is on the right hand side right after u enter Malaysia.

    When heading back up, ride the east coast of Malaysia an enter Thailand at Kota Baharu an than follow the road all the way up to Surat Thani via Pattani & songkla,

    Another suggestion;
    when heading down at Chumpon take the turnover towards Ranong /Khao Lak and than on south thru Takuapa an on to Krabi, nicer route an you can come up the other way from Surat Thani

    For me i hate driving/riding the same routes if i can avoid it
  6. Hi VietHorse

    Just like earlier mentioned by jsbkk and phuketrichard regarding to the procedures of Malaysia border crossing. The route suggested by phuketrichard to come in to Malaysia thro western side and return to Thailand on eastern coast will be much more enjoyable if you are not in a hurry.

    Do let me know if you need and help while coming in at the border and ensure that the bike's registration plate needs to be in roman letters just like what is required for Thai registered vehicles coming to Malaysia. The name of the passport holder should be the owner of the bike otherwise you may encounter difficulties at the customs.

    If you intend to ride the Cameron - Sg Koyan - Gua Musang loop or the Cameron - Gua Musang - Jeli - Gerik loop, do consider Ipoh as a base and stay overnight for 2 days provided you have the time and is not in a hurry. Let me know if you are stopping over as I will made myself available to meet up.


    Lip Meng
  7. Awesome information you have here, Richard.
    My priority of crossing that border as below:
    1st - Ease of crossing (of course, must be legal way).
    2nd - Time saving (not too much longer way, as I don't have much time left in my annual leave pocket :) )

    I really appreciate your tip of Cameroon highlands and MYR cash. Will do as advised.
    Let me do some works on Google maps then I will ask further about the route.
    As all bikers, we like to do the loops, not the line . :happy3:
  8. Hey Lip Meng, thank you for your goodwill. I will bother you then.
    Yes, we have the driver license and registration card in Roman language (English as well). If there are some in Vietnamese, we'll get it translated and notarized.
    I really like your comment about the name of passport and owner of the bike. I will ensure that. You know what, that's not a good thing for Vietnamese motorcycles, as there are plenty of bikes with the name of the previous, previous and previous owner!!
    So you meant you are around the Cameroon highlands area? Sure I will look you up, great to have chance to ride with GT-Riders and better with some beers at night. :)
    Don't let me try your Africa Twins then. :)
  9. One more note: Some buddies here keep concerning about motorcycle passport (i.e. Carnet De Passage). I don't know what it is all about and should we need that for crossing to Malaysia?
    As far as I know, there is no such thing among Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.
  10. There no need for Carnet as your bike is from ASEAN and it applys the same with our neighboring countries except that Indonesia requires it. As for other foreign vehicles coming in to Malaysia the Carnet applies but land borders authorities are not enforcing strictly whereas the air and sea ports will requires the compliance.

    As you mentioned that most registration cards or documents of Vietnamese bikes have the names of previous owners on it will not be an issue so long as the current owner,s name is indicated on the paper which is also the same case for our Malaysian vehicle's registration card. Ensure that all papers or documents of vehicle ownership are in English otherwise our local authorities will not accept it.

    I am staying in Ipoh which is the capital of Perak state and my house is near the main north-south hwy (E1) and is approx 16km to the Simpang Pulai- Cameron route that is just the next hwy interchange from my home.

    BTW when & how many days is your intended trip and are you riding with company or solo? Just let me know if you need any info or assistance.
  11. That's really good news about the Carnet. Hopefully they would have no hiccup during the time of my access.

    I will try to make sure the consistency of the name on Passport and the name on the bike registration card. Even though it is not an easy job over here. We buy the bike with the registration card, without changing the name on that card - sometimes I buy the bike which the seller doesn't know who the hell is the one on the registration card.

    How far from you to the Sadao checkpoint - where I preferred as the checking-in bordergate?

    Initially, I was planning to ride there to watch MotoGP 26Oct2014. So it means I would depart from Vietnam latest on 22Oct2014.
    There will be some groups they will go from Vietnam to attend MotoGP. They are taken care of tourist agent, from all kind of legal stuff, lodging and everything else. But I don't plan to join them. I may go on my own, or with some friends.

    However, I can also consider go outside of that date range, as may be too many bikers on the road, and it may create difficulties of border access or something else, I don't know.

    I also have a plan that I ride there, and store my bike at my friend's house in KL, then fly back to HCMC.
    Then after sometimes settle my business, I fly to KL and ride my bike back to Vietnam.
    By doing that, I can avoid taking too long annual leave and interrupt my works for too long.
  12. The Sadao border checkpoint is approx 250km from my place on North-South Hwy (E1) and is most frequent by M'sia as well as Thai bikers. The may be more bikers on the road during the MotoGP race day travelling from both directions (north and south) to Sepang International Circuit.

    Nevertheless it should not be much of a problem if you are coming in from Thailand. The Sadao border is usually busy during weekends especially Sunday noon whereby most of the M'sian tourist checks out from Hatyai while going in to Thailand from M'sian side is busy on Saturday morning or noon. The situation is also the same or worst for public holidays. Fortunately bikers used special bike lanes for M'sian immigration but may be slightly narrower if you're with both side panniers (doable but ride carefully).

    It will be enjoyable if you travel in a smaller group than a large one. As for the bike stay in M'sia while you fly back to HCM, do check whether the duration of bike stay so as not to breach any regulations. It will be good if allowed for longer period of bike stay so that you can fly in later to ride back as it will allow you to have a more enjoyable time without rushing. If you want to store you bike(s) here in Ipoh, I can arrange for you without any problems or charges at my friend bike shop (if only one bike then you may keep it at my place).

    Hope this will be of help to your trip planning.


    Lip Meng
  13. It's very kind of you Mr. Lip Meng. No way I can cross Thai - M'sia border without bothering you.
    For sure I won't go with big group. There are groups handled by a tour guide as mentioned in my earlier post, and I probably not be in those groups.
    I am now more toward the option that ride there sometimes end September or early October - store the bike for some weeks - fly there to watch GP - ride my bike back home.
    With that plan, I don't have any pressure of getting to KL by the track-day.
    Great advice from you about the permitted duration for the bike to stay within Malaysia.
    I think I will store the bike around KL so it is more convenience for us to travel to from KLIA. If I leave the bike at your place, I need longer time travel by bus from KLIA to you. There is no direct fly from HCMC to Ipoh, so...
    Thank you very much Mr. Lip Meng.

    Regarding to the allowable duration for the foreign bike to stay within Malaysia, someone who may know please tell me how long they will allow me? Thanks.
  14. I will fly to KL sometimes next week. Don't know if I have chance to ask around about all the requirement. 200km from KL to Ipoh, right?
  15. Yep from KL to Ipoh is 201km via E1. No worries as you may also check with the customs authorities at the airport (if you have the time and if is not crowded). Otherwise I can ask from local customs office or the border customs if I happens to go there.

    Usually it is for 30 days duration as it is the same duration allowed in your passport. If you are planning to leave your bike and fly back then you may need to consider meeting the duration of 30 days period unless you are granted a longer stay of your bike here. Nevertheless it is only my guess and it needs clarification from the relevant authorities.
    Perhaps some of the Thai or foreign bikers can share their experience pertaining to their bike stay in M'sia.
  16. Why do a loop?

    from Cameron highlands u head out east to Gua Musang-Kuala Krai- Kota Baharu, fantastic ride!!

    also the border at Wang Prachan is very easy, fully legal, not busy at all an if u cross on the weekends there is a great market on the thai side.

    Note; if you do go via Sadao do NOT cross on Sunday after 2pm!!!! immigration/customs, roads are full and very busy

    as to length of stay not sure what passport u have , Americans get 90 days
    thai cars are only supposed to be out of Thailand max 30 days

    also when u buy insurance you need tell them how long for min is 30 days
  17. Thank you Sirs for your advices.
    I also have the same thinking about allowable duration for the bike, probably max as duration for my passport. I am Vietnamese so that max is 30days.
    I have no idea about those mentioned border checkpoint. But with my experience, it is better if I go thru a smaller border gate. May be smaller one they have less processes, less questions and less scanning...
    So any more recommendation?
  18. Looks like we have the plan. So expecting crossing Thailand - Malaysia border 30Sep (Tuesday). And cross the Malaysia-Singapore border on 02Oct (Thursday).
    Don't know if we can meet or ride with someone along the route?!
  19. jsbkk, how do you go about getting the vehicle registration translated into English (for Thai bike)? Where do I have to go to, what do I need to bring with me and how long does the process take?

  20. Hi YY,

    Good to hear from you after a long time. I think you missed my post about my Malay trip so posting the link here https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorcycle-forum/showthread.php/40253-Bangkok-Malaysia-Bangkok-Trip?p=300750&viewfull=1#post300750

    I got my bike registration translated at transport department opposite sukhumvit Soi 62. Third floor. You will need your passport, and green book. Took 2hrs and 25bht. Pretty straight forward, just time consuming.

  21. I did mine at Mochit a couple years back.. 30 to 45 mins..
    We went the other way to jsbkk.. We crossed at Betong in to Malaysia.
    They are really not use to seeing bikes go down that way. We were called in to the office on the Malaysia side.
    Interview with the head man.. promised the bikes were in our names.. couple of more people in the room.. Smiles and unsure faces.. then OK you can go.

    Didn't know you had to get the malay registration done in Betong.. So some young guy called him mum and she did it for us.
    Basically a translation of your Thai Number plate and a sticker for the front and back of the bike..

    Riding through the back roads down there is a bit strange.. Thailand in a parallel universe..

  22. Will keep abreast with your updates of the planned ride and look forward to meet up for a ride or drink. Do check with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) regarding the entry of foreign bikes on their website especially for the AutoPass. Remind your riding buddies that Singapore only allows 20 sticks of cigarettes per person when entering their republic as the onus is on you to declare (if they are smokers & the ruling is still applicable). Riding to Singapore will be a good experience especially that you have come a long way from VN.

    Singapore is a FINE city...........fine if you litter, eating chewing gums & smoking the non designated area...etc.......but still a safe & beautiful city with lots of bike accessories to offer.

    Enjoy your ride.
  23. They have places right at the border to do the english translation of your thai plate sticker for your bike

    TO get your bikes book translated into an English letter you go to the dept where you renew your bike registration.
  24. Just for an idea what the Regional Transport office at the Thai (Sadao)-Malaysia Border looks like

    on the right hand side after you cross the immigration check post.

    Just besides that is the post where you can buy insurance

    Lady at the insurance counter ;-)
  25. Tks Sam. When are you going to start riding again? (pillion doesn't count mate). Your kid's back to school yet?

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