Border Crossing With A Bike Not Registered Under My Name

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    Hi Friends,

    Long time I did not post on the forum but this time I would like to have some information and your support on border crossing Thailand to Cambodia and back at Had Lek( East of Trat) with a bike which is not registered under my name, but I have the Green Book and document of registration..The bike is registered in Bangkok,Thailand.
    I would like to travel to Sihanoukville, any advice would be welcome.

    - Could you please tell me if Trat is the right point to enter Cambodia ?

    - Could you please tell me what document I would need for the bike considering that the bike is registered under the name of my friend but I have the green book and she would be ready to establish any kind of official document on purpose ?

    - Could you please tell me what document I would need for me apart from my passeport with a valid Thai visa and Arrival Card ?

    Thanks in advance for your reply back, I plan to do this trip around beginning August 2016.

    Keep the Power On !

  2. Basically what you need is a "power of attorney" form, available for download on the web. I've attached a copy here. Or it can be obtained from any Land Transport Department office for free. You will also need to attach 30 Baht in stamps (also available from the LTD). The owner needs to sign and date the form and be accompanied by a photocopy of the owners ID card or passport, also signed.

    The power of attorney form is only in Thai. There is no need to translate it to English or have it verified anywhere - all the owner's details must be included however. I have crossed borders 6 times with a power of attorney form. Some borders will ask you to take a photocopy of the completed form and retain both the original and its copy; others will only keep the copy. In any case only the Thai side cares about this form. You won't be asked to show it to the Cambodian customs officials.

    I've entered/exited Cambodia at Had Lek/Koh Kong a few times. Was asked to pay 100 Baht for each day I was in Cambodia and told not to exit the province. It was no problem continuing to other places. Just that customs held onto my Thai customs paperwork.

    Hope this helps.


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  3. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for these precious informations, I will anyway go to the Land Transport Department, a good idea.

    Keep the power on.
  4. Dear Jim, dear Friends,

    Thanks a lot for your crystal clear answer and attached document.
    I will follow your advices and ask the owner to sign me these papers, it should not be a big deal as family.

    On an other hand, I will try to never let the original documents (Green Book) at the border, for me I think it's too risky.

    Thanks again for your helpful message.

    Keep the Power On.
  5. I just bought the bike using finance on my Thai fiend name.
    Green book is with the bank. Is power of attorney letter and copy of green book sufficient for me to visit another country?
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  6. The first step would be to see if the finance company will let the friend / you take the bike out of the country
    If they won't come to the party, then there is no chance.

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