Border open at Anlong Veng

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  1. Just been to the border post past Anlong Veng and can confirm it is open for business both ways, Cambodian visa available and customs for bike also.The access from Anlong Veng is straight thru town and north past the lake about 25kms (very approx) beware the steep hill can be very slippery in the rain.Once at the border post you can go to Pol Pots grave or a nice view from the escarpment back to Anlong Veng if you go east about 3 kms to Tol Moks house?

    Anlong Veng to Preah Vihear is reasonable , once again very slippery up the escarpment in the rain, entry is now $2.50 per bike. Very steep, not for Africa Twins. P.V. to Tbaeng Meanchey has about 30 kms of very chopped up and muddy road, but also some 120kmh stuff.
    East of T.B. is flooded and couldn't go towards Strung Treng, straight out of town was a section 100m long and 75cm deep just before the river, gave it a miss after that and headed to Sihanoukville, via P.P. then back to Siem Riep via 51 and ferry to 61 bypassing P.P. Siem Riep to Samroang/Osmach is muddy but better than Aranyaphatet(4 hours), Osmach is 5 mins for bike and passport into Thailand, a first- had sniffer dogs from the Thai army and some LRP grunts at the border , something going on ?
  2. Thanks for the info.

    We had the dogs over us at O'Smach border in Feb. Looks like standard operating procedure. Not a problem if you refrain from the happy herbs!!

  3. Hi HTF,
    I presume the border crossing is the one referred to in my posting; ... hichpage=2

    This would be Chong Sa Ngam on the Thai side. It is almost due North of Anlong Veng and about mid way between Osmach and Khao Pra Viharn.
    Where did you actually enter Thailand ?

    KPV is a popular tourist day trip from Sisaket and the Sisaket Riders Club always goes there on rallies. About 100km. Because the actual KPV site is in Cambodia you leave your transport and walk almost one km down to a small river and then cross into Cambodia-no passport check-and then walk up the long hill to the temple site. I haven't come in from the Cambodian side nor have I seen any bikes there but understand it is possible. You can't ride your bike there from the Thai side.

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  4. Hi Peter,
    The same crossing I'd say, yes directly north of Anlong Veng.
    We found a new tar road (blocked off /a dead end) at the Cambodian side of the border and naturally went around the block and blasted along the road. A few hundred meters down the road was a Thai army boom gate and they told us we were in Thailand, no problem "where is the border?" and they pointed off to one side of the tar road. We went up this road and were in the Thai side of the border post, the immigration guy tried to give us a hard time but understood we had strayed across the border and let us thru same as Thai customs, the Cambodian customs and immigration didn't want to know and waved us thru. We stopped at the visa on arrival booth and talked to the immigration and customs guys for a bit, they said it is a normal border crossing point.The road was dirt and all the officials were in porta cabins so assume a move to the new tar road once it is connected to something on the Cambodian side, also on the Thai side there was a very large camp full of demining equipment.Unfortunately my digi camera gave up on me a few days before this, but I have the tracks on GPS and will have a closer look at them when I get back from Taiwan.
    KPV is accessable from the Cambodian side, the road first opened in January 2004, this year they have added concrete to the steep hairpin bends and it is steep. It comes up at the top at the wat on the same level as where the crashed MIL7 chopper used to be until it was cleared away.There is only a vague track along the rocks from the KPV temple to the wat as there is no vehicle traffic.I have slept at the wat one night and they are happy to have visitors.

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