Bordernews about Visa and Paperwork

Apr 10, 2006

News from overland border crossing Laos to Cambodia.

At Khong, down south of Laos there is the only legal landborder from Laos to Cambodia. It is a little bit difficult to find the right way to the border, because they have a massive roadwork on the run.
Brandnew is the fact, that they do Visas for Cambodia there now! It only costs 30$, only 10$ more then normal. And that is fair enough, I think.

Meaby we get a problem when we leave the country because they don’t give us import papers for our bike. We show them our Carnet, but they say, they are not allowed, and other papers they don’t have. So we try and try, but even when we make a lot of pressure: We don’t get any papers for the bike! See what happen in 3 days when we leave to Thailand.

On the Lao borderside, they charge 1$ per Passport. They (and we) know that this isn’t official, but they otherwise they don’t stamp your passport, so…………….

Exactly the same on the Cambodian borderside. 1$ each. No way around this “sweet”.

Safe travels

Tanja & Christian – die “Enduroreisenden!”


Mar 5, 2006
Has anybody been through here recently?
Have the rains caused the roads to be a problem at present?
Cheers and thanks in advance.