Borikhamsay Priority To Road Construction In Viengthong

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    (KPL) The Governor of Borikhamsay province Mr. Khampane Philavong and relevant officials went on a two-day working visit to the site of road improvement in Viengthong district, on 11-12 February.

    “Viengthong district, located in the centre of four districts, Borikhanh, Saychamphone, Khamkheuth and Park Kading, is an area that would enjoy economic expansion in the future. Thus its infrastructure would have to be developed by 2014,” said the governor.

    The 430-billion kip road construction project is being built by the Bandong Road Construction Company, and will take three years (2009-2012) to complete the three stretches of road.

    The governor gave a breakdown of the cost of construction:

    1) Viengthong to Saychamphone district, 70km - 340 billion kip.

    2) Nayang village to Hom village, 97km - 66 billion kip.

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