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  1. picked up a brand new yamaha bolt this week from a bike shop in oz, so far it is great.
    i am a biggish sized fellah @ 1.9 meters tall and 120 kg's , and seem to fit quite comfortably on it.
    will let you know how things progress.
    been thinking about a diavel for home,ubon, but now am starting to lean towards a bolt for there as well.

    passenger comfort is not really a worry for me.

  2. We went to the Launch of the Bolt here in Chiang Mai and they had One with a Vance and Hines Exhaust System on it. You have to get this Mate. The Sound Was Unbelievable. I think they are a Great looking Bike, Haven't ridden one but if they go as good as they look they should be Fantastic. Here are a couple of Photos so You can see the Pipe. The little Bikini Fairing looked cool as well!


  3. saw them available online here in oz for about 15 000 baht, i am tempted, also of the yamaha site there is a "stiletto" seat, solo of course, remove rear pegs and she will be lovely.

    just waiting on 1000 k service before pipe goes on.

    will keep you posted.
  4. Moose,

    Can we now classify you as a nut on a bolt?:lolno:
  5. 120kg, huh? Do you have any trouble with the rear suspension? I've read that it's not up to it.

    This is the bike HD should have built, but they can't. I'm not into cruisers but the looks of the Bolt are cool and Jap technology - a double winner!
  6. I am Sure Ohlins will have Shocks avalible for it? I sat on the one pictured and the Front suspension felt very soft so may need an Upgrade that end as well?

  7. went for a decent ride today, although a sorta slow one, as it is still being run in and stopped halfway and cranked up the preload on the rear shocks.
    that helped a lot.
    for a small bike it is surprisingly comfortable seems to go hard enough ay the moment , it will be interesting once it has its 1000 k service and i can start to ride it a bit harder.
    the only problem so far is the foot pegs are so low to the ground that they are scraping a lot !
    might be something to do with my big ass weighing her down.

    will provide a decent review when we get to know each other better.


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