brake fluid DOT 3 / 4?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by KZ, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. It's time to change the brake fluid, and it says to use only DOT 4 but I'm having a hard time to find it. Tried several shops, all they have is DOT 3. Some older bikes use 3 or 4, so can I simply take 3? What's up with these numbers anyway? Are these fluids really different from each other? I know silicone based fluid is, but what's the difference between 3 and 4?
  2. Don't know where your from but they have it in carrefour, think i've seen it it in tescos as well.

    Its to do with the boiling point of the fluid.
  3. I'm in Hua Hin, we have a Tesco Lotus but I doubt that they have brake fluid...
    Can I use DOT 3 even though it says use DOT 4?
  4. check in tesco, there is a local thai brand which comes in a blue or yellow bottle , think blue is dot 3 is blue and yellow is dot 4.

    I've topped up my rvf400 with dot 3 before, wouldn't think it'll make a huge difference for normal road riding.
  5. We dont have carrefour, but should able to find any local car spare part shop,, thats where i got mine DOT4
  6. I've checked with MC repair shops and some showed me products which didn't even say what DOT it was. But I've located some DOT 4 at the SHELL station.
    I found some interesting information here:
    Seems like you can use DOT 3 instead of 4 without any problems or damage to the system, but it's not a good idea since DOT 4 is the better product. DO NOT use DOT 5 in a 4 designated system since it will lead to brake failure. The silicone will eat up your seals - you might as well poke a few holes into your brake lines!

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