Breaking my cherrie, bike hire/purchase

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  1. Am to come to thailand for the first time and after the customery look round bkk will be making my way up to chang mai where i intend to do dust a hell of a lot of Kms on a bike. Would like to know about any routes you think would be good to break my cherrie on. Also info about where to hire my steed, Also if anbyone has a 200/250 dirt bike they are thinking of selling i may be your man

  2. Davie

    You might consider reading the site that this message board is on.

    Under "Bikes" are the hire shops in Chiang Mai.

    Under "Great Loops and Day Rides" are routes you can take.

    Under "Guidebooks and Maps" is how to get more info.

    On the message board, under "Buy and Sell" are several 250cc dirt bikes for sale.

    If you have specific questions about bikes, rides or current conditions, ask them here.


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