Bridge over Kok river on the 1129 usable? - not as of February 2016

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  1. Is the new bridge over Kok river on the 1129 usable – ask as went there via the new road early December 2015 and could not get across?

    Thanks for any info.
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  3. David thanks for the reply. Yes it is the bridge over the Kok on the 1129 the 1129 numbers on your new map are right over where the bridge is being built. This is a photo from my last visit 1st December 2015 taken on east side of river.

  4. To answer my own question - no it is not, bridge is progressing but not  close to being open as of 10th Feb 2016. There is a well signposted short detour on the new 1063 that takes you to or from Chiang Saen (Sop Kham)  if you need to cross over.
  5. Here's how it looked from the Chiang Khong side on 20th FEb 2016

    Not a great deal happening & loads to do still


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