Brilliant Sakaeo show


Oct 17, 2006
The show was excellent , top talent on stage with light shows, farang Band and carabao...all for free, its held at Kanchapiusek park in Aranyapratet must have been 1500 big bike bikes , i rode down in convoy with my wife on he dinky 250rebel at 110kph average ,my daughter with me on the Ducati, saw backdoor Phil, Peterhooper from the board and lots of other intersting characters.
On the way home my wife was stung by a tiger bee and we had to divert to Nakon Wattana hopital for antihistamine shots as she was feeling very ill, but after 2 hours rest she felt ok to continue the 230km home .

The Aranyapratet /sakaeo show is funded by local businesses and The Sakaeo Provincial government ...welll done to them...dont miss it next year.

Peter Hooper

Aug 3, 2004
Yes the bands really got the crowd going. The food was good too. It was good to see you again Jerry and to meet your wife and daughter who seemed to be enjoying the music. I hope your wife has recovered from the sting - nasty.
I asked a couple of farungs if they were you Phil but they weren't. Got a photo of the KTM. Not hard to recognise even in the crowd of bikes.
Traffic was heavy on the way back to Sisaket and not much fun but it was a beautiful day to be out there.
We called at the Lalu National Park and took a look at the Ant Hill type formations which was interesting.