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  1. Just wondering how many riders have been caught out by this cold wet "unseasonal " weather
    I was holed up in Chiang Khong for 3 days, made a dash for Chiang Rai from CK yesterday & got caught in that mega storm - downpour yesterday arvo 5 kms from CEI....I figured I'd ride through it but no way. It bucketed down all the way to my hotel. Yuk.

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  2. Bloody warm again in Bangkok… Was nice a cool last week…

    Hope you push some of that cold air down this way…

  3. Well the Temperature has dropped right off here in Chiang Mai. It was really Cold last Night and the Weather is supposed to Drop to 10 Degrees for the next few Days then 9 Degrees here in Mae Rim on Friday! It doesn't sound Cold compared to Our Home Countries, it must be the Humidity but it Sure Seems Cold!!!
  4. a nice summer day in Canada
  5. Its a bit like the English in a snowstorm, nobody is prepared for it, and chaos ensues with the traffic. I guess in Canada, nobbly tyres and chains are the norm much of the year, but I bet there are not many Canadian houses with no heating systems at all, or cars for that matter. For me a bout of food poisoning topped off by feeling cold all the time is not the best recipe for happiness, my new house is about 5C cooler than my old one, being largely shaded by from the sun. Going to be a great benefit most of the year, but not for the next week or so. Which is why I chickened out this morning and went to Central Festival and bought a 2.2kw fan heater. Now I am warm again. We all complain about the heat here, but I do think it is better than being cold and miserable.
  6. Bl**dy cold on the bike this morning driving up the Hang Dong road into a stiff northerly wind. Been wearing a fleece all day, and as I sit typing I'm still wearing my m/c trousers. Forecast is 7C tonight in Changers.
  7. More cold on the way folks

    With Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai blanketed with frost and temperatures at 2 degrees Celsius Tuesday morning, the Meteorological Department issued a warning of thundershowers with gusty winds and hail as well as an 8 to 10degree Celsius drop in temperature until Sunday in upper Thailand.
    Meanwhile, the Cabinet tasked the Interior Ministry with the job of tackling problems related to the cold spell in the North and Northeast and has suggested that areas that are under 15 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days should be declared disaster zones so residents are entitled to an emergency aid fund, government spokesman Teerat Ratanasevi said.

    The minimum temperature in Chiang Mai was recorded at 14 degrees Celsius yesterday with frost in some areas, while Chiang Rai and Phayao were at 19 degrees and Mae Hong Son at 11 degrees. Temperatures in the North could drop by another 3 to 5 degrees during this period, Pensiri Trisat, an expert from the northern meteorological centre, said.

    Chiang Mai Public Health Office deputy chief Surasing Visaruthrat has warned young people and the elderly, especially those living in highaltitude areas and those with chronic illness, to keep warm.

    Buri Ram province in the Northeast has also suffered a 4degree drop in temperature to 15 degrees Celsius yesterday following two days of offseason rain. The provincial authority reported that 338,000 people were in need of warm clothing and blankets.

    The Poh Teck Tung Foundation and Sawang Janyatam Foundation have provided villagers in Buri Ram's Lahan Sai and Ban Kruat districts with 1,000 sets of blanket and relief items. They have also delivered a 20,000litre drinking water tank to Ban Somjit village in Lahan Sai's Khok Wan subdistrict.

    Meanwhile, the first death caused by this cold spell was recorded in Udon Thani's Muang district, where Chuchat Khongwicha, a 51yearold man from Nakhon Ratchasima, was found dead in a tent early yesterday. Doctors believe he died from the cold weather and rain as he had fallen asleep in the tent after getting drunk.

    If you're in North Vietnam....SNOW

    LAO CAI, Vietnam (Viet Nam News/Asia News Network) — Sa Pa Town, in Vietnam's northern province of Lao Cai, a major national tourist attraction, wears an even more attractive look now with snowfall of more than 5cm.

    Officials of the Nui Xe Forest Management Station in the town's Hoang Lien National Park say the snowfall has led to constant traffic congestion on the road from Lao Cai City to Sa Pa, as thousands of tourists flock to the town to admire the rare sight. While it has been known for long that it snows in Sa Pa, this is not a common occurrence.

    The Nui Xe Station said that it began snowing at around 9am yesterday. It said that at a height of over 1,900m above sea level, temperatures had dipped to as low as minus 2 deg C, forming icy sheets 10cm to 20cm thick.

    Average temperature in Sa Pa remained low yesterday at about minus 1 deg C, with constant heavy smog and drizzle.
  8. Did the same as John and got myself a ventilation heater at Siam-TV, might also get a bigger radiation heater as well as with my new weight of under 75 kgs, there's no fat on my body left to at least keep the inards a little warmer. Hope this doesn't last too long.
  9. Chilly indeed & more on the way....

    There is no chance it will snow in Thailand soon, as meteorological conditions and the low altitude of most of the country would not permit it, experts said yesterday.

    Their prediction came in the wake of speculation that the Kingdom could see snow following a sharp drop in temperatures across the country, and snowfalls in Egypt and Vietnam in the past few days.

    "At best we can see frozen dewdrops on high mountains like Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai," National Disaster Warning Centre director Group Captain Somsak Khaosuwan said yesterday.

    However, the leader of a people's network that handles emergency situations, Piyacheep Vatcharobol, disagrees. He claimed yesterday there was a 90-per-cent chance that mountaintops 1,500 meters above sea level would experience snow. Average temperatures there would drop to -5 to -10 degrees Celsius, Piyacheep said.

    Such mountaintop snow - possibly this month and in January - would result from an approaching "Little Ice Age" and reversal of the Earth's magnetic field, which had last taken place 800,000 years ago. Because of these factors, the world now saw snow in Egypt, Vietnam and Laos, said Piyacheep.

    However, Somchai Baimoung, a meteorological expert, explained that there are three factors that contribute to generating snow: humidity, temperature and atmospheric lifting. Even though the temperatures in some parts of Thailand, especially in the high mountain areas, are falling below zero Celsius, there is no atmospheric lifting condition in Thailand. Moreover, the altitude of Thailand is not correct for the generation of snow.

    "There is no chance for Thailand to have snow," he insisted.

    He explained the generation of snow is not related to the phenomenon of the so-called " magnetic reversal of the Earth".

    Somchai said that snow in Egypt is not new. There are records of snowfalls in this country 100 years ago. Also, snow has fallen in Vietnam in locations at high altitude and with enough humidity and sufficiently low temperatures to generate it.

    "The falling of snow in Vietnam is not surprising," Somchai said.

    Somsak explained the temperature in Thailand has dropped because a cold air mass from China still covers the country. This cold air cannot pass through to the sea because it is blocked by a low-pressure trough floating over the southern regions.

    The Meteorological Department yesterday forecast for upper Thailand a temperature drop of another 2-3 degrees Celsius in the next three to four days. With more rain predicted for southern Thailand, the department has urged ships at sea to take caution due to strong winds and high waves.

    The cold spell has been blamed for two separate deaths yesterday in Pathum Thani's Lat Lum Kaew district. Worker Khampan Khamkren, 40, reportedly had drinks with friends before going to bed without a shirt and was found dead at 3am. Another worker, Chalard Onndondo, 50, was also found shirtless and dead at 4.30am in his bedroom.

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