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Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by Zeno, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. I am in Chiang Mai right now and are looking for somebody who wants to do the MHS Loop soon. For about 5-7 Days...
    I am from germany and at home I usualy drive a SR500. I would not like to drive to fast, but to stop some times, see something of the landscape...

    By the way- would it be a problem to do the loop alone? I know that its not recommended to go to the Golden Triangle alone... Is it the same for the MHS Loop?
    Thanks for answering

  2. Zeno - doing the MHS loop, just by road is quite straighforward, and easy enough to do by yourself.

    Buy the MHS loop maps by David Unkovich & GT Rider (red cover - very clear and easy to use) and get a copy of David's book about motorcycling around the MHS loop. Both these items are pretty easy to find in book shops around the Tae Phae Gate area of Chiang Mai, along Moon Muang road.

    You can do it all by road bike, but if you deviate from the circular paved route, to visit hill tribes or whatever, then an off-road type bike can be an advantage as most of the side roads are unsurfaced. However, completing the whole circuit sticking purely to paved roads is still very satisfying and worthwhile.

    See Modeboy's note. He's in Chiang Mai now and wants to do the same - but he's a confirmed Moto-x racer so the pace of "I would not like to ride fast" might not suit him.

  3. Hi Zeno

    Where have you heard that solo travel in the Golden Triangle is not recommended?

    You can go all over the area with no problem.

  4. Thank you for your answers, I think, I just got confused by the recommendations for the Golden Triangle... Right now I am in Mae Hong Son with my Baja and its so amazing. As if the roads were just built for Motorbikes. Its so GREAT! 200 km of curves each day and the fantastic landscape and all the things to see and to visit!

    Ride on

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