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  1. Greetings,
    I am planning to Move to Chiang Mai in the near future. The first thing I plan to do upon arrival is to purchase a bike for local commuting and highway runs to relax. I am a big person (184.5 cm, 120 kg). I am a leisurely rider, not the "thread the needle" type. I will be working with a budget of 40k baht, with a max of around 60k baht. I am strongly considering a Honda Phantom/Kawasaki Boss, but I am also considering a Honda CB150 but I am concerned about such a small displacement carrying my size and weight. Phantoms are fairly common, and can seem to be had for as low as 35k baht, with the CB150 being for less (as little as 26k baht). I also considered a Suzuki Raider 150r (good compromise between scooter and motorbike), but was informed that parts can be an issue to find in Thailand. All of the bikes that I am considering are 2nd hand. Ideally, I would love a 400cc (Multi cylinder preferred) machine (I have seen a few for around 50k baht 2nd hand). My question(s) is/are:
    Can a CB150 handle my size for commuting/light highway touring?
    What bike would you suggest for my size/budget (ideally, a cruiser or standard[naked] style bike)?

    Thank you all in advance.
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  2. Phantom and Boss both old bikes. Honda stopped production in 2010. Lots around, but I would hazard a guess that if you buy one for 35K you will need to spend some money to bring it up to where it is in good condition and you can trust it to not leave you stranded. Steering head bearings, brakes, wheel bearings, tires ... You could easily have another 20K into it. With a 60K budget you will find you are quite limited in finding a bike in decent shape.
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  3. Thank you for your response.
    35k to 38k is what I would like to spend, with an intended max of 60k. By no means is that my budget limit, but the money I intend to spend. I am prepared to spend a bit more for a decent machine along the lines of what I described. buying a Phantom or Boss at > 40k and packing in an additional 20k still puts me within my budget projection. Combines with some hands on/maintenance experience should make the investment worthwhile. What's your take on a CB150/similar for a guy my size?
  4. You need to rent & try a few bikes yourself to get a feel of what you actually like, then see if you can find one second hand that fits your budget.
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  5. For me - a 150cc bike is too small. I am 1.9M and 90KG. But been riding most of my life - 50 years next year since I got legal on the road. Just bought a CRF250 to add to the fleet. But many like the CBR150. Go to Laos and Cambodia on one. But too small for me. DavidFL gives good advice above - rent one here, see if it suits, then go ahead. Here is a link to get you started - http://popcarrent.com/en/
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