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  1. Hi Guys...new to the forum and looking for some information. I'm planning to buy a royal enfield bullet 500 in Chennai and drive her up through India across burma and into Thailand where I plan to keep her and do some more riding in country.

    Does anyone know if its possible to ride/import a bike through Burma. Then re register it in Thailand. Has anyone ever done this before with a bike? Are there Tax's/Bribes to be paid at the border. Is it hard to register a bike in Thailand?

    Any information would be greatly received.

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  3. Muzz

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    Ant, as far as I know Burma is still 100% closed. I don't think there is anyway other than flying or shipping it in from India, then importing into Thailand can be a very expensive and tiring task, not to say it is not possible though..... Good luck
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    I dont know if burma is 100% closed, as we met 2 riders from europe who "claims" that some of they friend cross Burma by bike...

    So i think we need to study this a little bit more...
  5. DavidFL

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    Sorry no can do anymore; but try this one

    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... -t512.html

    for Simon & Suzi's report on a couple who actually did it 4 years ago.

    An amazing adventure with almost no recognition, plus Simon & Suzi was a wonderful couple whom the GT Riders had a great time with while they were in Chiang Mai & North Thailand.

    I understand that after all these years Simon is about to deliver a lecture / presentation to the Royal Geographic Society in the UK about their epic adventure.
  6. KZ

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    Again and again it amazes me what kind of highly interesting and informative posts surface at gt-rider even after years!

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