Buy Vietnam Bike In Laos And Return To Vietnam?

Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by JonA, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. JonA

    JonA Member

    Per the title. I'm considering buying a bike here off a backpacker and taking the bike back into Vietnam.
    I'm looking at 125 Honda Win copy or similar.

    Does anyone know if I can take the bike across the border and any tips?

    Currently I assume that I need to make sure the bike has the blue card and that I need to insure the bike in Laos. Plus of course make sure I have a Vietnamese visa before approaching the border...
    Not sure if I need temporary export paper from Vietnam?

    Anything I should know, views on whether this will work?

    Thank in advance Jon
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  3. JonA

    JonA Member

    So here is an update..... I now own a Vietnam registered and plated Honda win copy with the 109cc sufat engine. I've ridden and inspected and It's really not in bad shape at all for what I paid. I have the blue card but no other paperwork re import to here in Laos where I am

    Is this going to be allowed over the border back into Vietnam or should I plan to make a nice gift to a local Laos family here in before I leave!?
    Thanks Jon
  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    You should be ok is my guess, because they seem pretty lenient on Viet bikes going across the border, I think.
    Were there no Lao import papers at the border?
    Maybe go back across the border where the bike crossed maybe one idea.

    Good luck & please let us know how you go so we can share the info for other riders next time.
  5. JonA

    JonA Member

    Thanks David, promising input.
    For sure I'll post here when I try to cross. Unfortunately I do not know which border point the bike came into Laos by, and no import papers.....
    Wish me luck !
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  6. JonA

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  7. JonA

    JonA Member

    Ok, so today I crossed without issues.
    I used Na Meo crossing. They were not especially interested in the bike,just logged the reg number off the blue card against my name in their ledger.

    I got in without a visa arranged in advance, since I have a UK passport. Gives 15 days.

    Good luck to anyone doing the same !
    Cheers Jon
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