Buy Vietnam Bike In Laos And Return To Vietnam?

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    Per the title. I'm considering buying a bike here off a backpacker and taking the bike back into Vietnam.
    I'm looking at 125 Honda Win copy or similar.

    Does anyone know if I can take the bike across the border and any tips?

    Currently I assume that I need to make sure the bike has the blue card and that I need to insure the bike in Laos. Plus of course make sure I have a Vietnamese visa before approaching the border...
    Not sure if I need temporary export paper from Vietnam?

    Anything I should know, views on whether this will work?

    Thank in advance Jon
  2. So here is an update..... I now own a Vietnam registered and plated Honda win copy with the 109cc sufat engine. I've ridden and inspected and It's really not in bad shape at all for what I paid. I have the blue card but no other paperwork re import to here in Laos where I am

    Is this going to be allowed over the border back into Vietnam or should I plan to make a nice gift to a local Laos family here in before I leave!?
    Thanks Jon
  3. You should be ok is my guess, because they seem pretty lenient on Viet bikes going across the border, I think.
    Were there no Lao import papers at the border?
    Maybe go back across the border where the bike crossed maybe one idea.

    Good luck & please let us know how you go so we can share the info for other riders next time.
  4. Thanks David, promising input.
    For sure I'll post here when I try to cross. Unfortunately I do not know which border point the bike came into Laos by, and no import papers.....
    Wish me luck !
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  6. Ok, so today I crossed without issues.
    I used Na Meo crossing. They were not especially interested in the bike,just logged the reg number off the blue card against my name in their ledger.

    I got in without a visa arranged in advance, since I have a UK passport. Gives 15 days.

    Good luck to anyone doing the same !
    Cheers Jon
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