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  1. I live in the countryside, Jangwat Trat, and am interested in buying a Versys - maybe.

    However I have never ridden one - I now ride a Phantom, and I am not sure it will suit me. I am just 6 foot so I think I am tall enough but ....

    I emailed Mityon in Pattaya about possibly buying one but got no reply. They are in GT-riders list of dealers, is that a recommendation?

    I am wary of Pattaya. A friend asked (for me) at the local traffic office about buying a big bike second-hand in Pattaya, and was warned off because of forged Tabian Rots. As I am not experienced enough to buy a second-hand bike that was the end of that idea.

    The Versys is a bit bigger than I wanted but at least it's new and therefore should be no problem with Tabian Rot?

    I am seeing advice on a number of things concerning the Versys but to begin with I would like to know if Mityon are reliable and if I can be assured of a Tabian Rot
  2. I would recommend you rent a Versys before you buy. There are plenty available for rent in Pattaya. Here in Bangkok contact BangkokBikesRental (

    Kawasaki Mityon has mixed reviews on service. Seems once they've made the sale they are not terribly interested in after sales service and the quality of service is often lacking. Most Kawasaki owners I know who live in the Pattaya / Chonburi / Rayong area ride up to Bangkok to get their bikes serviced at Rama 9 where they are far more competent.

    You don't have to worry about paperwork- it's a new, 100% road legal bike.
  3. Dear Tony,

    Thanks a lot for your reply which was very helpful.

    Things have moved on since I posted the question. A local restaurant owner is an enthusiast and has just bought a Versys. Whilst I haven't ridden it, he was changing the exhaust(?) at the time, I did sit on it and felt comfortable enough.

    I only started riding bikes 6 years ago when I retired to Thailand. I started on a Suzuki Best, and then decided to go Phantom. When I bought I was completely lost as I didn't know it had foot gears. I had a 70km journey from the shop where I learnt how to use them, and have been comfortable riding the bike since. I am concerned about the power of the Versys (650) but would have to get used to it. I am not sure I could get used to it renting. But it is a good suggestion.

    Your other answers have helped me as well. If Mityon are unreliable I don't want to use them. I was choosing Pattaya because I could ride the bike home, but I am unwilling to ride a bike I am not used to through Bangkok. I have contacted Real motosports and they will deliver, do you know of them? The restaurant guy bought from Motoaholic and he recommends them. Who is Rama 9?

    I also want box and panniers, any suggestions? Again Real say they can do them. I have seen, and it looks like I might be paying 30000 + from them. Is this reasonable? I have tried to contact Thaimotorbox.

    I am also interested in all terrain tyres. Is this an option with a new bike or must I buy as it comes and pay for the new tyres. My restaurant guy says I can buy ATR tyres 50km away (Chantaburi) but I haven't pursued that yet. Any suggestions as to what is good and available? In Bkk - outside if you know.

    Thanks again for your help, Tony.

    Hope you are keeping well,

    All the Best,

    Bill Z
  4. Hi Bill,

    For the side boxes, may you be suggested that you should decide first
    which styles, brands or models you want. In Thailand, 2 world-class brands
    are very famous which are SW Motech and GIVI. For GIVI, there are many
    models, for instance, the smallest Givi E21, the sport Givi V35, the top-of-the-class
    Givi Trekker TRK33, and so on. Most panniers can be taken by Givi PLR450 (+450kit) rack system
    except the sport Givi V35 that must be taken by PLXR450 (+450kit).
    I'd bought both sets of PLR450 and PLXR450 from Italy and only selected the
    PLR450 taking E21 and TRK33 panniers.
    If you are interested in the sport Givi V35 model, may I offer you my rack.
    I'd like to resell my never-been-used GIVI pannier holder -
    rapid detachable rack system, PLXR450 together with 450kit.

    May I ask for 10,500 + 2,500 for PLXR450+450kit (not including shipping costs around 300-500 baht).
    Comparing the prices with any retailers in Thailand, you will save for at least 3,000 baht.
    Most importantly, you will have the Italian product, not Chinese-made ones.

    The URL links hereunder may help showing you about Givi V35 and the rack system.

    contact: [email protected]
    M. 085.247.0555

    Thank you !

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