C.M.-Phrao-Chiang Dao-C.M.

Aug 12, 2003
I did my first group ride ever with Joe, Pear, David and Heinz last Sunday. We went up through Mae Jo and stopped off for coffee at Godys. Nice fun road from Phrao to Chiang Dao and had a decent farang lunch at the Chiang Dao Resort, although Pear declined to try the 'fried' bread, so we still don't know what that is.
Traffic seemed light to me but others said it was 'busy'. Roads in good condition... Chiang Dao to C.M. was typical busy Sunday traffic with only one idiot (two including me) passing on a blind curve, and he using the middle of the road to do so. I'm quite thankful for the courtesy shown by the Thai in the black pickup I was passing, who hugged the shoulder, and allowed me the 2 feet of clearance to avoid the oncoming asshole on 'our' side of the road. It was a scare that I deserved, as I violated my personal rule to never pass a vehicle when there is oncoming traffic no matter how much room there seems to be. I have been fooled before by thinking someone was moving over to let me pass when in reality they were just dodging a pothole I couldn't see.
Anyway, it was a fun 220 km ride and it was great meeting some other riders and I appreciate them letting me tag along. (my apologies for probably misspelling names)