Cambodia's roads increasingly dangerous

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  1. danwhite

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    According to government figures there has been a 35% increase in traffic accidents in Cambodia between August 2008 and August 2009. I toured the whole country in Spring 2008 and although on some roads the traffic was pretty bad, it was still a fun ride. Good roads after all those years of mud and dust. Having just done a loop round both sides of the Tonle sap, I can believe the government figures. There is simply a lot more traffic and the driving is as murderous and suicidal as ever. It was horrible. I abandoned the trip and drove back to Thailand from Siem Reap abandoning the idea of driving to Kampot etc in the south which is, in many ways, the most scenic part of the country. I flew back, took a bus and then hired a Baja to do the small roads around Kep and Kampot….
    Touring in Cambodia is now a fraught business. Thailand can be bad (ironically the Aran road is terrible on a Sunday), but there is usually a way to avoid the beasts (barring Highway 12 from Phitsanulok to Lomsak). In Cambodia the 4WDs zip down the highway at 150kph, the trucks pull out regardless… And you are on the verge…. And the roads are still narrow. It is a dangerous formula.

    If you go, drive slowly and be prepared to leap.
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  3. DavidFL

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    So Cambo is much worse than Vientiane then. :shock:
    I'm glad you survived Cambo & were able to get back to work on the books ok. How are they going - nearly finished? What I saw of the Lao section was good & you must be close to putting it to bed by now.

    When are you due back in Cnx? It will be good to meet up for a chat & news swap. I hope it is before New Year this time. :lol: :lol:
  4. danwhite

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    Yes... beginning to wind down now on the main body of work.

    Cambos is changing fast. So is Laos, but for me Laos is a much more wholesome place.... Certainly the north. Will head up to Chiang Mai soon I hope. Also around Nan and all those beautiful places. I love it up there. No work.... Just for fun and to enjoy the scenery and drink (not too much) cold beer.
  5. MuddyMick

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    In the last year or two, the number of high power crotch rockets arriving here is staggering, imagine a brainless pilot, no licence required, no driver training, no moto experience to speak of, and they get their paws on a machine capable of hitting the same speed needed for a 747 to get off the ground. I have already seen two nasty ones, R1 vs Tourbus (dead) and CB100 vs ox pulling a cart, on a no look, just do u turn, on a national route, rider/pilot/monkey dead, one pissed off ox. The roads are improving, but so is the danger level! Stay on the dirt man!
  6. danwhite

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    So true.... I never was into dirt bikes.... But when I went back through I hired a Baja and had fun in the south on small roads. The main roads are now lethal.
  7. dtd

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    - keep ur self a bit far from any car when you want to overtake. stretch your neck and look forwards if there is one coming. the car infront of you might singal through the left indicator that one is coming if the driver is good. some will not signal the left indicator.
    - have to be VERY cautious as some drivers are insane and overtake at any time in high speed.
    - watch out the animal such as dogs, cows, buffaloes..etc coz they might jump in the road. cant afford the hit
  8. TonyBKK

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    Sounds just like Thailand :mrgreen:
    Happy Trails!
  9. cdrw

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    adding to dtd's advice...
    Also, know that Khmer drivers don't hesitate to pass traffic in their lane by driving towards oncoming traffic. I've been forced to veer off roads by all types of vehicles. Be careful!
  10. TonyBKK

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    Hmmmm, again, how is that any different from Thailand? My riding gloves have small 'pockets' on the back of the hands and I've taken to carrying a small pebble there which on occasion I chuck at Somchai's who pass into my lane. Real pet peeve those guys who pass into your lane and force you onto the shoulder (or off the road if there is no shoulder) A pebble to the windscreen sure wakes 'em up! :twisted:
  11. dtd

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    rolfmao i forgot to say that. one time on the way back from shv to pp on a suzuki djebel with a mate of mine, i was forced to go off the main roads a few times. there was a van which kept overtaking at any situation.

    arrived Chom Chao, saw that van---look like a brand new ford van--- did the bang with a moto taxi driver. it was a fatal accident. well, just be careful. rip the gear deeper when u feel there is only u on the road, ride sweet and slow when there are many--share the speed lolz
  12. HTWoodson

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    Come on Tony, you're way to mellow for that. 8)

    I'm not fast enough for chucking pebbles or marbles but I do throw around middle fingers liberally when I'm run off the road.
  13. MuddyMick

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    My personal favourite when a somchai cuts me up is to pass him, and boot his wing mirror off, this helps me feel better, saves the somchai fuel as less wind resistance by removing the mirror he was not using anyway.....

    Not advisable in Cambo, too easy to get shot for that!!!! However, if you can get back in front of the cambo, gassing it in gravel or mud will cake his Lexus up a treat!

    They are more concerned about the Lexus than who or what they hit, run over, or run off the road.

    Had to do a few rice paddy dives here myself.....

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