Cambodia - Cardamom Mountains update

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  1. This site does not have anything about motorcycles, but it does give a rider an idea about what is to be encountered on a run between Koh Kong and Pailin / Battambang.

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  2. Here are some shots from my trip through there in April 2005.







  3. Turkish,

    Did the road over the Cardamoms last weekend. Looks like your photos, recognise the wash out hill. We tried to get from Battangbang and thru in one day but had one deep river crossing (it rained the night before) that we had the help of some locals and 2 oil drums to get the bikes across. That slowed us down somewhat. We had to sleep on the mountain about 10kms from the river. Those washouts sure took some getting over with an XR650R, I don't think this road will stay open for too many more years, it has got worse from when I first went thru 4 years ago. Also there is no one to repair any of the so called "bridges". Does anyone have news of 2 Chekoslavakians doing it South/North, saw them at Koh Kong and gave them a map.It rained that night so it would have been quite difficult for them, they were on 2 Bajas with PP plates.
    Harri XR650R
  4. Harry so you been i in Cambo and no visit to the Scandi, shame on you

    Scandi riders Banlung
  5. Hi Nisse,
    Got the bike together on Thursday, Went Korat to Battanbang Saturday, Sunday in the Cardomoms,Monday to Koh Kong , Tuesday Koh Kong back to Korat and then to Taiwan to work.Not a lot of time. Planning a trip to see you in May.Owe you one.
    See you in May
    Harri XR650R
  6. Hi Harry,
    Nice to see you did cross the Cardamones one time more!!!
    On April 7, I will go with my 4x4 truck and 6 friends to kho Kong on the occasion of Khmer New year. (I am going before KH NY, as at that time, I will be the guard of my house!!).
    I am planning to go on the road North of Kho Kong for about 40 K, where the river is beautiful for BBQ, fishing and maybe camping.
    I did this trip with my 4x4 three years ago (drive was easy), HOW IS THE ROAD CONDITION on the section close to Kho Kong BY NOW.
    None of my Khmer friends want to spend the night camping in the forest. It seems to me it is quite safe.
    Any up date info on this issue?
    Wish you good work and $$$$!!

  7. Hi Phillipe ,

    The Koh Kong end is the same as before , pretty good. The land close to Koh Kong has been developed, ie. trees cut down and fences etc, nice views. I don't have the exact kilometers because my GPS is at home but I am fairly sure that you would be able to drive up the the place that we stopped at the first time with Ben and you told us about it being a holiday spot. The rest is as the photos from Turkish, except the rivers were right up, oil drums to get across.

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