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  1. JimCA recomended me ( Link removed ) to take the road along the Mekong river from Kratcheh to Kampong Cham. I did it and had lots of fun. Here are a few pictures from the day that might motivate you to take the same road too.

    The road 72 nicely marked out on my GPS as one of the major roads (thick red line).


    The road also starts out really nice and easy.


    Plenty of people along the road that come and look at the "alien" when you stop.


    A lighthouse on the way. Marked out as LITE on the GPS shot above.


    A nice villa with view over the rice fields and the Mekong river.


    Some bridges are a bit basic so it takes a second to think about if it will manage my around 250kg.


    Local fishermen


    One of the main connecting roads. I was fooled to take it because it looked much better than the 72 at the intersection.


    Interesting problems always arise in Cambodia.


    Here is the solution.


    The last part of highway 72 close to Kampong Cham approximately at black arrow in GPS shot.

  2. good stuff. glad you enjoyed it.makes me want to do it again soon.
  3. Hi Swedish Rider,

    Great report and pics. Saw the picture of the map on your GPS. Can you enlighten me where I can get/buy this map as it would help in finding my way in Cambodia.


  4. You can buy a GPS Map at Aruna Technologies, the official licensed Garmin Dealer in Phnom Penh.
  5. Thanks for the info. Will contact them next time when I am in PP.


  6. By the way, I just bought a Garmin Etrex Cx with an aditional Memorz Card. They told me the GPS-Map of Cambodia should cost about 200$ but for some reason it was on the Memory Card I bought.

    I have no Idea if that was just by mistake or if the card is included with the GPS-Unit...
  7. And just today I did the same trip and it was fscking beautifull.

    Anybody knows about trips like that in Laos? (since that is where I'll be tomorrow).
  8. hey guys, is there any Garmin GPS maps of cambodia that is downloadable from any websites?
    appreciate your help.
  9. My screen shot above is from the Garmin World Map. You can either buy it at, get it from dodgy Thai pirate CD (that may or may not work) or be dodgy and download it from the net using BitTorrent ... dmap&meta=

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    Adding a few pictures to SwedishRider's earlier post, from Kampong Cham to Kratcheh. I should add that on my map, the road is labelled 308, not Hwy 72. These pix were taken in March 2001 (some show the year 2000 in error do to a camera malfunction). Trip was to be from PPenh to Stoeng Treng, but never got much beyond Kratcheh, due to the road conditions further north.

    Bridge over Mekong, leaving Kampong Cham. Excellent bridge built by Japanese

    Next few are kids in villages, both large & small. Note the gal (rt-center) blowing soap bubbles. I take small vials of then and they make everyone happy! If the kids are happy, the adults become more friendly. The 2nd pix is of the kids running after me, as I was stopping their fun, as I left the village.

    Later I was in a desolate area...approaching a very small poor village and was shocked to encounter a wedding taking place alongside the road. What suprised me the most was the attendees had rented upscale clothing for the event. I was invited to stay and visit, but met the bride & groom and gave them about 8000-Riel ($2-US). They were surprised and happy to encounter a farang (barang).

    School...and morning calesthenics

    Kids in another village:

    Common horse cart...found more in the north of Cambodia

    There were 2 river crossings prior to reaching Chhlong, another smallish village along the Mekong. Look closely and see the rope which is used to pull the boat back and across the river.

    Arrived early evening in Chhlong...and finally found there was guesthouse. They had me park my bike in my room (their only room) for security. They had already eaten their evening meal, so I had to look elsewhere for food. And I was starving!

    Chhlong closes up early...I was hungry but the few restaurants & food stands were all closed except the one below. I went there and they had just closed their kitchen. The 2 Khmer's in the picture invited me to sit down eat the remains of their food. I also wanted some baguettes, so one of them got on his moto and returned with 2 baguettes for me to eat. And he didn't want to accept my money (Riel) but he later relented and took only the amount he paid for the bread.
    I've found (so far...) that the Khmer's are far more genuine than the Thai's (I live in Thailand). In smaller Cambodian villages, I've yet to feel like the 'walking wallet' I am in Thailand.

    Mekong...water level very low in March. Note sandbar. The commuter ferry from PhnomPenh went no further north than Kracheh.

    A nice hotel on Kracheh riverfront...with large $5-US rooms in the back.

    A monument to Pamela Anderson [8D]

    Lastly, I should add, I'm not an 'experienced' motorcycle rider, nor am I young. Yet anyone can have some wonderful adventures in Asia, experiencing the people and riding only up to their abilities. I'm now buying a bike...rather than renting...just to allow me to add to the many trips I've already taken to Cambo, as well as finally allow me to explore much of Issan.

    And...I appreciate the info I've received from member of this site!

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