Cambodia - Laos: Kratie - Stung Treng - Border

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  1. hello everybody

    i rode from cambodia into laos about three weeks ago on my bmw r 80 gs going through kratie - stung treng - ko chheuteal tom - voen kham. many describe this road as the worst road in south east asia. it's just been the end of the rain season and according to my perception the road was difficult but doable. there's a lot of very very deep mudholes, filled with water or mud. once, i needed help from some locals to get out of a mudhole. sometimes sand on the road can get quite deep as well. from kratie to stung treng it took me about 7 hours for about 120 km. from stung treng to the boarder it took me about 5 hours for a ferry crossing (scary narrow boat, 5 dollars) and about 55 km, this part is the most difficult. all along the way villages and other traffic is pretty rare, so if you travel alone it can take a while until help arrives. but all in all it's been great fun!

  2. Marc,

    Where are you heading next? If you a passing through Savannakhet give me a call (0205 540 330 or 141 212 571) if you are keen a "locals" ride.


  3. hey tony

    what a shame. just got out of laos today and am already in chiang mai. have been riding in laos for three weeks through pakse, bolavan plateau, savannakhet, lak xao, vientiane, luangprabang, nong khiaw, luang nam tha, huay xai...

    next time!


  4. no worries


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