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  1. Apologies first if this is the wrong place to put this query. I've been a semi regular reader of this forum for a while now since planning on travelling to Asia. I'm travelling on an F650 and have spent the last few weeks around the south of Thailand, all great so far. Planning on meeting another couple on an Africa Twin and crossing into Cambodia either at Aranya Prathet or Khlong Yai in mid September (next week). Can anyone tell me what the roads are like this time of year? Any other tips appreciated and hopefully I'll catch up with some of you when I get to Chiang Mai

  2. Hi,

    Came from the Dust Bowl on Aug 22, Roads are pretty good for the main part, whereabouts are you thinking of going as some places are pretty impassable? Most roads are a Combination of part dust with potholes, Concrete, and Red Clay Mud type stuff which is a killer as it clogs up your wheels and you don't have traction and then you come of and brake a lever :) I did this 60km away from Habitation.

    When it rains (everyday) the roads get slick as snot and it rains everyday for at least 20-60 mins. the stretch from PP to SainokVille can't spell it :) is great you can do it really fast.

    The roads from Thai to Siem are potholes that are deep so whatch out, from Seim to PP is again Potholes from PP to Strung Tren is combination of ALL kinds of stuff there's a volcano that has a lake in it in Ban Lung great stuff but hard to get to.

    If you go back out to Thailand go via Hat Lek as the mountain is great fun to climb on your bike but be warned it's pretty draining.

    Hope that helps, if you need any more info then post here.

    Stay Safe JD xxx
  3. Thanks for the info JD, much appreciated. 3 of us on 2 bikes, F650 and Africa Twin are crossing at Hat Lek tomorrow. Depending on what the roads are like depends on how far far we get by road with overloaded bikes.
  4. Writing from Sihanoukville now. Info about the red clay was spot on. Left Koh Kong to encounter pouring rain that never let up all day. Took us 5 hours to cover the first 110 km which included my BMs front wheel locking up with clay and falling over twice. Lots of pushing and sliding etc. Found a guesthouse just before the 3rd ferry crossing (1/2 way) and gratefully stopped for the night. Next days trip to Sihanoukville was a breeze, a few deep muddy puddles, turned into better and better roads until we hit bitumen. A few more kilometres than yesterday and it took us about 2 hours. Cambodian drivers are another story which we are still getting used too.
  5. My friend Brian is now riding in Cambodia. These are some of the pictures he sent to me. Have to talk to him and figure out exactly where he went. Think it was some tough backwoods way to Siem Reap form the Thai border. Here is part of the road.

    One of the bridges looked like this.

    Not sure whether to write him and say great find on some bad roads
    or ask what hell he is doing riding the back roads in rainy season !

    Oh Buddha please let them get my bike across without going swimming....
  6. Robert,

    Those are indeed classic, bad road pics. that bridge is true third world. Good stuff.

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"
  7. Robert:
    This road "not look so ok" as I heard a motobike lady say in PP. Not one I'd want to be on with some behemoth beemer or KTM with aluminum panniers, cameras, laptop and batteries in my topbox and a lady on the back. A 250-cc rental with a rental ying on the back to help push - maybe.
    Dr. G

    Globe Rider Greg
  8. “Not so look so ok,”
    Well after a couple of quiet whiskies in the Sax Bar, I can reckon that it “probably” looks like a decreasing dirt radius, without concrete guide posts, & so quite ok for the KTM black widower death machine…
    Any other (k)night riders got an opinion.

    Keep The Power On
  9. What fantastic eye opening pictures for those of us who have never experienced a rainy season....holy smoke!!

    Next time I hear the Avon has burst it's banks and the cows have got their feet wet I shall think of this..
  10. Excelent pictures. The top one looks like the road from Koh Kong where my bike had a couple of rests. Glad we didn't have any bridges that looked like that though, think it would have sorely tested my adventurous spirit, the ferry crossings were enough fun in the wet. We have been lucky with the riding really as only really been caught by the rain a few times. The rest of the riding days have been overcast (keeps it cooler) or fine and sunny. Saying that I am now sitting in Phnom Penh with it raining outside. I think we will be mainly be sticking to the main roads here as don't want to risk the bikes and ruin any further travelling


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