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  1. just back from a trip to Phnom Phen,
    my KTM is residing at a bike shop over there "in case I get time for a ride"
    anyway needed to change the rego over to my name and thought it would be a hassle,

    much to my surprise it was easy (as long as you have a CAMBODIAN guy sorting it for you !)

    took 2 hours and just required 2 photos and $60us !!

    rode the bike down to the rego office ,which is in the middle of town ,
    sorted my way through the approximatly 1000 other guys there for the same reason ,
    took the photos in that they did not like (so they took new ones anyway!) and waited to get the legit plates ,
    it is easy to pick bodgy plates as the real ones have the 2 x RIVETS holding the plate on with a imbedded seal,
    told to come back in 1 month to get the plastic card with all the details and my photo on it and that was it ,

    might add that the guy from FLYING BIKES made it a lot easier ,

    so not too much hassle and now have a reason to go back in 1 month ,

    also had a good day ride while over there ,
    approx 230klms over mostly dried mud with a bit of sand/ water and a LOT OF COWS!!

    great fun and hope to do a longer maybe 4 days one next trip,

    enjoy .
  2. Hi
    Do you bike was legaly imported (most are not?).
    For this price, it looks too good to be true.
    Please let have a look on the Registered card when you get it.
    The present system to solve the problem of expensive 300 US$ registration fee, is to have a good KH guy to arrange the whole thing for you. But if you get the real plate, you may find out that the # of engine and # of frame may not be the same on your " new registration card with your picture" as on your bike.
    They will say nobody is looking at that.
    If fact "they" use the data of death bike officialy imported and use the # engine and # frame of that bike.
    Until you don' t cross Thai border there is no problem.
    If you have different # on new " registration card" than on your bike, a solution is to keep the old " registration card" with real number and the old fake plate. With the old one you can cross to Thailand, then you can drive in PP with the real real (fake) new one!!
    A real Khmer story!!
    Good luck[:D]
  3. Philippe,
    He said change the rego to his name not newly register a bike if I'm not wrong. It is cheap and unbelievable if it is a new registration, is it possible? Flying Bike will get flooded with requests!
  4. This info is 100 per cent correct, i imported the bike from the uk by air into pp and paid $3500 in taxes for the privelidge,i have now sold it to frank .flying bikes are a great bunch, ask for bove and if you need a tour guide take laeng ,hes a proper guy,.
  5. That why it is only $60, you have already paid the taxes of $3500!! Most bikes are brought in no Tax paid and then regoed. It would have been surprising to get it for $60 without the taxes being paid, very few ,(except above) if any have FULL taxes paid.

    Flying bike might be great for the paper work but they changed a headgasket on my XR650 and the engine had to be rebuilt after their efforts, which included breaking the camchain sprocket bolts.I had heard good about their workshop, but won't be getting work done their again on bigger bikes.
  6. You were unlucky there harry,i ran my xr650 out of oil and stretched the timing chain, they stripped and rebuilt it using some africa twin bits and it ran fine, i went to pp from pattaya and back 6 times on that bike,im sure if you had gone back and it was their fault they would have put it right,. i have had 17 containers of bikes off chove, never a bad one,.
  7. They stuffed up the valve shim adjustment on my DRZ (a simple job) so I ended up buying a kit and doing it myself

    As for his imported bikes, Pove claims he can now import any Japenese bike brand new.
    Currently bringing in a new WR450F tax paid for $9k which is not bad compared to OZ prices.
    I think the trick in Cambodia is keep changing your bikes over before they need any major work.

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