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  1. Hi,
    Planning with a group of Friends to Visit Cambodia from Bangkok this coming year 2009, We are Harley Davidson Riders.
    I am seeking advice on entry to Cambodia in Koh Kong, road to Phnom Penh, road to Siam Reap and Road to Popiet?
    Also need advice on exit document for Thai Registered bikes and entry to Cambodia any advice would be great.
    Drop me a note if you had experience
  2. I've ridden through Ban Hat Lek (KKong) many times. Below is some (overly) detailed info:
    Take passport, bike's green book and some passport photos. Also take a copy of the Thai
    insurance doc for your bike as a precaution (often not checked).

    Upon approaching Trat, the 90km road to Ban Hat Lek (Thai border) is just before entering the main part of the city. You may want to enter Trat and get something to eat first, but there are places enroute to the border. At Klong Yai (about 10-15km?) before the border, I recommend filling your gas tanks; gas is more expensive in Cambodia.
    Procedure at the Thai border (Ban Hat Lek):
    1-Go to the south end (it faces Cambodia) of the Immigration bldg with you passport and bike's green book. I assume the bike is regged in you name otherwise you need to have a certified doc from the bikes owner which explicitly give you permission to take the bike to Cambo (the latter isn't alway accepted by Immigration!). At the window they will fill out a temporary import/export doc for the bike. Keep these docs.
    2-Go the the side of the Immigration bldg, with green book, im/ex docs and passport, and check
    out of Thailand.
    3-Go across the street to the Customs bldg. Give them passport, green book and the im/ex docs. They'll enter the info in their computer and give you back 2-copies of the im/ex doc. DO NOT lose them as they are needed when you re-enter Thailand
    4-Your ride the 200-yards to Cambo Immigration; the white bldg on the left.
    Procedure Cambo Immigration (Cham Yeam):
    Note- In Cambo you drive on the right-hand side of the road...not left.
    I highly recommend obtaining your Cambo visa either from their BKK Embassy or by e-mail
    [e-mail: here ... ]. Actual visa cost is $20-US and $25-US for the e-mail visa (30-day visa). Pay for visa with $US if obtained at the border. However, at the border will will surely be overcharged for the visa, many have been gouged for as much as 1500-Baht!
    1-Window on left...get form and fill it out, then enter door to right, give them form, passport and one photo (and copy of e-visa if obtained). Once you have visa and passport back, you're good to go. You do _not_ need to check/register your bikes with Cambo Immigration, but often
    some people outside will ask you to reg the bike...ignore them.

    From Cambo Immigration it's 11km to Koh Kong. You'll need to stop at another Cambo checkpoint (shack) about 4-km from Immigration. They will check that you have a visa then oneward to KKong. Pay 12-baht at the toll booth, cross the bridge and at the round-about just continue straight and you'll encounter a good road (Hwy-48) that goes the 138km through the Cardamon mountains, crossing 4-bridges enroute. Shortly after the last bridge (Sre Ambel) you'll hit a 'T'...go left to PPenh, right to Snooky. I suggest considering stopping in KKong, go the market to one of the money-changers and change a few $dollars into Cambo 'Riel'.

    Be careful riding in Cambo...drivers are erratic; oncoming cars/buses don't hesitate to use your lane to pass.
    Have fun.....
  3. Hey
    We plan to head the other way PP to KK in the next day or so.
    Are all the bridges completed and passable now? Do I have to pay tolls on all of them? How much in total tolls/tariffs to get from PP to Thailand?
    We are cheap-arse and would like to avoid these cost s if possible...

  4. Dear Cheap-Arse,
    Hmmm, been posted many times before...didn't do a search did you? :oops:
    If you travel down Hwy-4, from PP, there are no tolls for bikes at the toll stops, just drive past them on the right side. All bridges to KK completed and open since April last tolls for bridges. The only toll you will pay will be after crossing the bridge over river from KK to the border [12-Bt?]. Save your Baht to buy me a beer... 8)
  5. Thanks Pattaya.

    Found no confirmation on all bridges being completed until your reply.

    Not sure Ill be heading to your neck of the woods, that tough lifestyle of cheap women and booze is still too expensive for us.

    If we do Ill definately buy you a mango juice though.

  6. Coming from KKong to the Thai border a week or so ago we (2up/one bike) paid 11Baht after crossing the bridge.
  7. bro ,
    u ridfe into combodia ..careful with pit hole and uncomplated asplat road.. :arrow:

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