Cambodia Run - 14 Days Round The Tonle . What Could Possibly Go Wrong

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    Morning all , Hope all is well with you wherever you are in the world .
    14 day run of Cambodia coming soon .

    Thank you for taking the time to look at this thrown together rabble .

    Here the Run :-
    1 fly BKK > PHN
    3 Now all rides SIHANOUKVILLE > TAKEO ( Daunkeo guest house ) 185km / 115m ROUTE 3
    4 TAKEO > PHNOM PENH (Zing GH) visit killing fields / S21. 75kms / 47m . ROUTE 2
    5 PHNOM PENH > KAMPONG THOM 165km / 103m ROUTE 6A / 6
    6 KAMPONG THOM > SIEM REAP (Garden village GH) 150k / 93m ROUTE 6
    7 VISIT
    8 VISIT
    9 SIEM REAP > BATTAMBANG (Emerald BB / Battambang hotel) 173km / 107m ROUTE 6A/5
    10 BATTAMBANG > (KIRI UDTOM) / VEAL VENG ( ???? Find the only guest house ???) 111km / 81m UNKNOWN ROAD
    11 KIRI UDTOM > TRAPEANG RUNG ( ???? Again Find the only guest house ???) 168km / 104m UNKNOWN ROAD
    12 TRAPEANG RUNG > SIHANOUKVILLE 176km / 109m ROUTE 48 / 4
    15 fly PNH >BKK > LHR

    The route ,
    So far .Thrown together with a naff Adventure travel map made by National Geographic ( made for those with no sense of adventure) a Marco Polo Cambodia / Thai / Vietnam , Showing only one red road . Unfortunately i cant find a GTR map like my excellent Laos version to help plan out the roads. As a fan of paper maps i will eventually have to succumb to the modern world of Google and OS .

    Overview ,
    10 of us went to ride Laos last year . Was fun . ( Did report last year though my login earlier was not recognised so have had to make myself a new user ) 1 of us did not come home . He eventually ended up in Cambodia . 9 of us are now going out to visit him ...

    Bikes ,
    We have a varying degree of budget sub 300$ 125cc / 110cc standard bikes & Step through rev and go shopping bikes . All dreadful . We have the option of a sidecar .

    Degree of Adventure ,
    Whist in Laos we tackled all colour of routes . Purple unconfirmed status in places , Long Chien and got turned back , Nam Cadding motorcycle dry season , low level stream crossings all on "Honda" insert copy make Wins & Dreams . We like a challenge .

    ??????????? ,
    The journey is the adventure and slow bikes bikes fill the days BUT If you have any pointers , routes that must be taken , do's and do nots then we are all ears thank you in advance .

    In return ,
    I will take pictures , upload and write upon my return .

    Thank you all .
    Cheers to a virtual Angkor beer

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  3. Great stuff .. will get one . Great advise thank you .
  4. Have a great ride...

    Some friends just came back from Cambo..
    They had a blast.

    If you don't have a GPS on the bike.. You might want to look at putting OSM on one or two of the Android phones in your group. May be more.... There is a free version that allows 10 free updates.. A paid for version that is cheap and supports the servers / hosting etc.. with unlimited updates.

    It works as a fully fledged GPS on your phone.
    Where Google wont be up to date.. Plus other riders like ourselves will be updating it..
    Also.. You don't need to worry about mobile signal in the middle of no where.

    Maps & GPS Navigation — OsmAnd - Android Apps on Google Play
  5. Good advise . now running with OS maps and ..
    only 4 days till flights .

    Thanks for your thoughts / advise
  6. 12 hours to go ...
    can anyone suggest some river crossing or boat crossings that we can pile the bikes onto ?
    The route has been amended to take in the bamboo bridge at campong cham.

    good times ahead.
  7. that all folks ...
    See you when i get back .

    Time to eat dust ,
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