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  1. Coming this January I want to ride from Cambodia to Thailand to Laos back to Cambodia.I will spend 3-4 weeks in each country.The bike I ride will belong to a Cambodian.Will this be doable or will the red tape be to much of a pain?What will I need in way of docs,papers or whatever?Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.I am Canadian and have rode in Cambodia's remote areas.Would like to do the same in Thailand and Laos.
  2. Good idea to get some info beforehand, but what about sharing the info & tips....

    Can you contribute something too?
  3. Hi there, I did it three times last year, I had bought the bike, but had not changed ownership cards to my name, I presented the origional owners card, a bill of sale, and was allowed to enter the country. Normally, the bike must be registered in your own nasme, for Laos, it seems to depend on the man at the desk when you cross. If the bike owner is willing to give you a fake bill of sale, you might get away with it. However, it is common practice that the bike owner will hold your passport till you return the bike. It all depends on the deal you make with the bike owner. Another option is to ride in Cambodia, return the hire bike or have it collected for a fee. cross over and hire in Laos.
  4. i have asked few people in cambodia. the one working in the ministry of foreign affair in cambodia said that u would need to do the paper work at ur embassy telling them you will bring which bike into laos/thailand, for instance.

    your embassy will issue u paper showing which bike in particular u will ride and u bring the paper to laos/thailand embassy in cambodia for the entrance permission. once u arrive the border, just show them the paper issued from their embassy.

    normally, u will require to keep ur passport at the bike rental shop. this can sort out by depositing cash same to amount of the bike cost. so that u can use the passport along with the bike paper to enter laos/thailand.

    the guy said that normally the ministry of foreign affair in cambodia, approved for any bike/car to enter cambodia after having papers from ur embassy. for example, u want to ride ur bike from ur country to cambodia, for example.

    another guy said that u would need to settle down at the border and they will ask you to do the paper work and cost u some amount of money.
  5. Hit and miss there, if you pay some money, you can usually work something out, however, entering at one point and leaving at another could get sticky. Best is to go via the embassy, and have cash ready.

    Vietnam is a real bitch, they tell you at the embassy to do paperwork at the border, they border sends you back to the embassy.

    They have a restriction on 250 and above going in, although, you can hire a 250 there, expensive!

    Or, hire a Minsk........

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