cambodia to thailand - possible to cross the border without my own ownership card?

Apr 10, 2012
I want to ride to Thailand from Cambodia on my Suzuki Big Boy (250 cc). The ownership card, however, is not in my name. A moto mechanic who also runs moto tours said up until 2012 you could cross without your own ownership card. Now you cannot (into Thailand, that is, you still can into Laos). A friend, however, said he knows many who have done it, via Koh Kong.

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[*]Has anyone crossed the border successfully this year without an ownership card in their name?
[*]Does anyone know if you can only get across at some crossings and not others?
[*]Has anyone gone through the process of getting their own ownership card? If so, how much was it, how long did it take?
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Apr 10, 2012
ok here's the deal. go to the koh kong/had lek border crossing. what they told me to bring:

1. passport (duh)
2. visa (australians don't need one though)
3. bike registration card (this will not have your name on it, as that's the situation these instructions deal with)
4. bike license (they only looked at my cambodian one, I'm guessing any will do)
5. letter by the person on the registration card saying they're transferring the bike to you, including all the specifications of the bike listed on the registration card, the date of transfer, the cost of the bike, your signature, owner's signature.
6. four passport size photos of yourself
7. four passport size photos of the person on the registration card
8. four copies of 5.
9. photocopy the registration card owner's ID card (if Khmer) or passport (if not) along with the registration card and your license on one page
10. four copies of 9.

what they did:

1. They merely looked at, but did not take, any of my passport photos.
2. They didn't ask for the registration card owner's passport photos
3. They didn't take any of the copies that I specified in 8. or 10 above
4. They just took one photocopy of the letter of transfer of ownership as i had put the owner's passport photo in the top corner
5. They took a copy of the owner's ID card/registration card/license that I specified in 9.
6. They got me to fill in a big form about temporarily importing my bike for a month. They said I must return through the same border crossing.

All in all it was pretty easy. Didn't have to pay anything. Took an hour and a half or so with all the stuffing around going back and forth between customs and immigration. Oh, they couldn't sell me insurance for the bike at the border, telling me to buy some up the road at Klong Yai market. No chance! It was the middle of the water festival and the town was engulfed in a water fight... I went through and got totally soaked.