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  1. Can anyone give some up to date info about crossing into VN from Cambodia with my bike. My bike is 400cc and registered in Cambodia and I have a Cambodian license. Is it hassle free yet? Does it still cost a small fortune to do it?
  2. Hoping to see some answers to this thread.

    Is it possible these days?

    One bike would be a 250cc with Thai plates and Thai entry paperwork from Poipet.

    The other bike/s would be <150cc on Cambodia plates.

    All bikes owned by the riders and paperwork correct.

    Any up to date info' appreciated.
  3. Gents, officially you CAN'T do it without an agent (up to now, later I don't know).
    Someone may be let go by his fortune, as you said. But the chance is very narrow and tricky.
    The motorcycle and car price are pretty much different between Vietnam and Cambodia, and the custom doesn't like us to bring our motorcycle, it could be assumed as motorcycle smuggling.
    And more, Vietnam and Cambodia yet to sign the transportation agreement (Laos and Vietnam did), so it's really hard to play with.
    You may try Laos' borders, they are more friendly, as the agreement is there.
  4. Thanks for the reply.

    That's as I understood it 4 years ago when, in the end, we flew in, bought bikes in Hanoi and sold them in Saigon.
    I thought things might have changed, but as you say, there's a big price differential.

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