Cambodia Trip February 07.

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  1. Hiho,

    I'm Frenh, 24 currently living in China.
    I'll come to Cambodia next February for a 10days trip.
    I'm gonna ride, and try to make quite an interesting loop.

    I saw the Adventure Cambodia:
    An Explorer's Travel Guide book is quite recommended, but is it up-to-date ?
    I can only find the 2nd edition.. from 2004 or 2005 sth like this...

    is it still worth buying it ?
    or any other idea of a useful guidebook to buy

    thanks all,

    ride safe,


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  2. I used to use the older version of Adventure Cambodia. It was not very up to date but still very useful. The 2nd edition came out just a few months ago and though I have not seen it I believe it is the best book out there for what you are up to. I usually traveled with 3 guidebooks but hesitate to recommend the other ones I was using.

    Tons of pics and travel reports from dirt bike trips all around Cambodia:
  3. Hi Jorai,

    OK, thanx for the tip, I'll order my copy on so!


  4. Get the new edition Gecko map of Cambodia, about USD$10 in Cambodia (original), Monument Books.Well worth it.
  5. Hi, I plan to do the same thing, same time.
    Are you wanting to go on your own?

    PP>kratie>banlung>sen monorem>PP?
  6. Hi Alric,

    I'll go there during the Spring Festival (18-25 Feb.)
    No plan yet, I was supposed to go there with my father and friends of him (riders).
    But wanted to spend two days in Angkor Wat as We've never been in Cambodia.
    But will check it out on Christmas with him.
    Maybe we can set up sth together, yeah. Could be great

    see ya


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