Cambodian drivers licence necessary?

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  1. Hi there,

    Soon I want to travel around Cambodia. I read somewhere that a Cambodian drivers licence is necessary, i. e. an international one is not accepted.

    Can someone confirm this? How can I obtain a Cambodian licence?
    Or would it be easier to get a Thai or Laos drivers licence if accepted there?

  2. International is OK last time I went as is Thai license
  3. First rule dont stop for the police unless absolutely you have no option. Then if you have a international license they will say it is not accepted and you will have to negotiate a fee to leave. My advice is get the international license as getting a Cambodian one will take to long to get (about a month for the card) I doubt that the receipts given by any of the shops would really be of much more use than the international license anyway.
  4. Just found this:

    An International Driving Permit (IDP) is required.

    The IDP must be exchanged for a Cambodian driving license. A fee of US$25 is charged for the exchange.


    So I just ride with my international one anyway...
  5. Shadow is right, once you stop they will want some cash. An IDP is accepted , but the police will tell you it is not, you will pay a few dollars. PP and Snooky are the worst, north ,east and west never have to worry about it. There was a joke going around about some foreign do gooders teaching the police about alcohol breatherlisers and donating the equipment. They started testing people and found that 30% of foreign drivers were pissed, but 100% of Khmer drivers tested were pissed. So that came to a quick stop.
  6. So should I just speed up when they try to stop me ;-)

    Also I have been told it is (apparently) illegal to ride with the light turned on. I ride an Australian bike where it is always on by default. I cannot switch it off.

    How much bribe must I expect when I get stopped?
  7. The easiest method is to tape a folded black plastic garbage bag over the head light. Or any moto shop in PP will put in a switch for you in the main headlight supply, hang it somewhere around the instruments.
    Bribes can be $1 and up, PP and Snooky they can be **** holes and demand $20-$50 plus if they think they can get away with it. If you think you will get stopped and won't be able to talk your way out of it , then have a handful of dollar bills ready. If they for some stupid reason say to amount is up to you start low and laugh about it, they might take it.

    For some perverse reason it is not illegal to ride at night with no lights. Go figure.
  8. That site you found with the countries that accept IDP is just wrong. Vietnam certainly does not. And yes speed up, pretend to pull in then speed of, dodge them do whatever.
  9. where can u get $ bills ??????????
  10. hi
    just got back from sihanoukville. rented a bike and was stopped by 3 hiding police men, showed the thai driver's licence. payed 5 dollars bride and rode on.
  11. Get your dollar bills from a Cambodian ATM machine, ANZ is good.
  12. Banks are fine, but some border towns don't have bank branches (at least Koh Kong didn't have a bank 2-years ago, but the money changers are fine).
    You can exchange Thai Baht...or most other major currencies for $US at any of the local money changers, which are usually found in the marketplace
    of nearly all medium-large cities and border towns, except smaller villages.
    However, be forewarned, that the banks nor money changes will accept bills of currency that have even a slight tear in the bill or has a torn piece taped on the the bill. .

    Re: License in Cambo. I've never used anything but my Thai license. Yet, the Cambo cops
    don't seem to care license what you have...if you're stopped they'll always try try fine you
    for something! So, if possible...don't stop!
  13. u just need international licence..just ride with malaysian light at days.
  14. Check out this link...

    Its going to help me with possible fines etc when in PP. General rule...always ask for a receipt, take the key out of the ignition before the cops do, say that you usually pay maximum $1 and if they are still pushy, then remind them of the law that means they can go to jail for extortion (although do be careful with that one!!)
  15. Yes...if you speak Khmer and your vehicle has a police, royalty or gov't license plate, otherwise forget citing their traffic laws to the local street cops! Your a tourist and at their whims. If you haven't driven past their attempt to stop you, then just negotiate, never raising your voice, and you'll likely never pay no more than $1 -2. Do keep control of your bike key!
  16. Actually yeah that is better advice, get your bargaining head on...its usually just beer money they are after most of the time. One of my friends was stopped going down Pasteur the wrong way and ended up paying $15 ($5 for each cop) ha. Thats a heavy heavy fine for here but he didn't really know.

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