cambodian rego bike in thailand

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  1. frankc

    frankc Active Member

    Hi all ,

    does anyone have any UP TO DATE AND ACCURATE info on having/keeping a Cambodian registered bike in Thailand ,
    have many reports ranging from 30 days to what ever the length of your visa is and a lot of heresay in between,

    or if anyone has any experience or an agent IN PATTAYA that can give correct info would be greatly apreciated ,

    thanks look forward to any replys ,
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  3. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    I had a Cambodian Registered Baja 250 for sale before belonging to Judderead. He only got 30 days, but was able to extend that to 3 months on production of a doctors certificate saying he had a broken leg, (which was true), and couldnt ride for a couple of months.

    Geting emails from other guys also said they only got 30 days

    good luck anyway

    handsome John
  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Have you got any road & trip reports to share yet mate. Anything is better than nothing.
  5. frankc

    frankc Active Member

    Hi David ,

    no reports as yet ,,have not been anywhere ,too much work and NO play ,

    hope to change that when I get this sorted and head for a trip over to the CARDAMON MAUNTAINS with Mike ,will let you know how it goes,

  6. jimoi

    jimoi Ol'Timer

    I've only ever gotten 30 days at a time in crossing with a cambo plated bike. Extensions are possible from what the customs man told me in Mukdahan but he said it was medical related.

    You could cross over the Poipet border after 20:00 and take your chances........
  7. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    when you cross with an outside registered bike (Cambodian, Laotian, etc.) into Thailand do they mark in your passport a bike was imported temporarily or is it seperate paperwork that shows no indication in your passport?
  8. mikethevigo

    mikethevigo Ol'Timer

    Not yet ! ,just a duplicated receipt with expiry date
  9. frankc

    frankc Active Member

    there is a lot of talk on the forums re this subject ,
    the latest I have been able to find out is that there is no way to get any more than 30 days EACH time you enter from Cambodia ,
    The Thai customs has good information so check out ... Tem#import
    spoke to Pattaya/Leam Chabung port Customs re extensions and was told no unless your have a doctors certificate and cannot ride ,!!
    then there is always the options of overstay and pay the fine,
    this is 100 tb baht a day up to 10 days and passed that I have not tried but you are then in the hands of some customs guy and he can either enforce the law by demanding the garentee sum on the TEMPORARY IMPORT DOCUMENT or fine you 1000tb or confiscate the bike !!
    there is always the option of going for a ride every 30 days ,which does sound like the best option if you have the spare time ,
    unfortunatly I dont!!!
    so if anyone has more info ,,then pls let me know ,


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