Camshaft rebuilds

Discussion in 'Technical' started by jonadda, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Any one know if is possable to get a cam rebuilt in Thailand, if so where?
  2. If it's a std bike why not just by a used one?

    See if Matt at Tyga-Performance (Pattaya) can help. They're two-stroke specialists but have tuned some four-stroke drag bikes, so may know regrind guys. If you are in Thailand you may have problems with their website as technically they don't trade in LOS.

    I know a racer called Mogens he may know about regrind guys.

    Send me an off list email.
  3. Would you trust a cam regrind in thailand, they have to weld it up then, grind it to original specs then hard coat it. Just buy a new or aftermarket cam. What bike is it for??
  4. No I wouldnt trust a cam grind in Thailand, Its for a 91 GSXR 1100, a second hand one would do if i could locate one.
  5. I looked into getting my Ducati rockers repaied here but they just dont have the technical knowledge to do a good job, so will source new one in the states and get the old ones refurbed in UK.

    try looking in RedBarons 2nd hand warehouse.

  6. None at Red Barons, but im trying the wreckers back home.
  7. Did you try Mr.T bike on Rama III?

    There are also those used part shophouses off Rama III. Sois 52,54,56 but you'd need to spend some time there.

    Used to be standard wisdom to repace the followers when replacing the cam.
  8. Get some Yoshimura cams outa Japan, make here fly !!

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