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Discussion in 'Technical' started by saxonator, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Just fitted custom made Cannon Racecraft Springs on my Honda XR400R. A while ago I had ordered Eibach springs and the seller asured me that with 47kg spring rate for the forks I would be good. It was an improvement over the stock but I still wasn't happy enought and I wanted something better then that set-up. I searched all kind of spring rate calculators over the net. Try to get more info with racetech, but couldn't find anything suitable until I found Cannon Racecraft, those guys replied very quick to my first email and gave me very professional advise about the spring rates, as the springs I needed weren't available they were manufacured for my weight. I got 64kg spring rate for the forks and 13.6kg for the rear shock, I installed the springs a couple of days ago. The springs transformed the XR400R into a rocket, now I can go much quicker over ruts and roots without loosing traction, the fork flex is completely eleminated and the overall handling has 100 % improved. I am very happy with this set-up now. I will take the bike on some more rides to fine adjust the suspension and will get back with more info then. For now I am just so grateful. Thanks a thousand times to Cannon Racecraft
  2. I use them as well and they are great
  3. Do they have a Website? And what are their Costs like?
  4. I had them custom made and for the front fork spring set it was 150 dollars and for the rear shock also 150, shipping was about 70 dollars and import tax was around 2000 THB, the money was well spend, I don't regret a moment I did it. Here's their website:
  5. oh just one more thing, if you are a dirt or enduro rider you might want to know, that the springs are a bit on the hard site. so talking from my XR400 I had the problem of extreme fork flex, it felt like the tyre was not inflated properly and in corners and over ruts it would be unpredictable how the bike would react. I tried to rid the problem with fork brace, didn't help much, tried 47kg Eibach spring, wasted money due to incompetent sales man, upgraded to heavier fork oil (20W) it all didn't really cure the above problem, it just bettered the whole situation, but after spending some money you want to see results. After I contacted cannon racecraft I knew I was on the right way....what a difference it makes to have your bike set-up to your weight.

    I think I found the right set-up for me, I tried a couple of times off-road and so far I am super happy

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