Carburator rebuild

Discussion in 'Technical & Motorcycle Services' started by ray23, Jun 21, 2012.

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    Guys I can buy a new carb for $500 and change. But, I donlt think I need that. this is for 1995 Vulvcan 800CC. Sadly they dont make a standard kit, which would make things simple. I know gasohoil was used on the bike before I rebult the engine, I think I have taken care of electrical problems so far. The only think left to check is the EC Ignitors. I have replaced the engine ground wire tested the coils repaired spark plug wires. Repaired the battery connectors. I also had a valve adjustmetn done Can't get the plugs out requires a sepcial tool and some mechanic is the proud owner of the now. I can tell they new with about 200 KLm's on them.

    I have made progress the engine is great 5th gear 80 to 130, ran up and down the rpm's all the way. That being said I still have a very annoying miss at low rpm's. I also noticed on the last ride that the bike tended to run at higher rpm;s then normal in slowing down.

    I know where to get the parts I just don't have a clue what to order I would appreciate suggestions?


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