Carburetor for Honda Phantom


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Jun 14, 2009
Hey guys. Been a little while since I posted. I live in Siem Reap now with my Phantom and a couple of dirt bikes.

My Carby's getting a bit old and is having issues. I made the mistake of taking it to a local mechanic who made things worse. I've managed to get it back to just one problem now - hesitating when giving it the gas off idle.

I'm thinking it's nearly time for a new carby. Would someone mind asking their local Honda shop how much they are for a TA200 please? Also, if anyone knows of a second hand place that might have one I'd be interested.

If there's something worthwhile I'll either ride over and get it or arrange some postage.


Peter Hooper

Aug 3, 2004
Hi Liam,
I was in the local Honda dealership here in Sisaket today and priced out a Phantom TA200 carburetor.
Sitting down ? They said it would be more than B5000 and would take a week to get up from Bangkok.
I was quite surprised at this because generally parts for the Phantom are quite Cheap. It may be imported from Japan.

The parts book shows a detailed listing of all the internal parts with part numbers so it may be a better option to get the parts you need and rebuild it.

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