Caterpillar Motorcycle

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  1. The Big Cat.





  2. That is really Big CAT.

    Any Tec details abt it?
  3. Don’t know anything about it, but bike looks very similar, and is probably is a Boss Hogg, you can buy them in US for $50,000' they come standard with 350 Chev engine
  4. Sure is a Boss Hogg , a client of mine has just imported one here .
    Cost US$65,000 plus import duties...over 400,000B just in rego...for what is beyond me.....?????? :shock:
    to be used on Phuket.....?????
  5. WOW :shock: The Perfect Bike for Phuket :wink: Must be one Rich Man!!! Goes to Show anything can be done if You have the Money!!! 8)
  6. What an ugly 'American' bike ....just like a Thai ladyboy on steroids...
  7. I'm guessing from someone who knows !~!??? :shock:
  8. Looks like a Pataya cruiser.

    Aint me.
    For that sort of money i could have a row of ADV bikes in the garage...

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