Caution R1129 Chiang Saen - Chiang Khong

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  1. Just a tip to avoid R1129 Chang saen - Chiang Khong on the Chiang Saen side of the mountain "Kiu Khan."

    The road is being widened & is full of potholes & in the wet covered in slurry - potholes connected by slurry. If it rains you cant see how deep the potholes are - which ones to hit or miss.
    My travel time last Sunday was 1 hr 40 minutes for the 54 kms = not much fun at all.
    Once you are on the Chiang Khong Mekong side of Kiu Khan the road is ok, but the CHiang Saen side sure as hell sucks big time.

    Sorry no photos I was too cranky & busy concentrating.
  2. Ive been taking the 4007 when going from Chiang Saen to Chiang Khong.
    Its a beautiful ride following the Mekong, on a road with very little traffic.

    Taking the 4007, would also cut out some of the 1129 road works.

    Its not like this all the way, and there is a few rough spots, but I much prefer it.

  3. Update 17 April 2014

    Only about 5 kms total of easy dirt left.
    A few bumps over / around a couple of bridges, otherwise generally ok now.

    Coming from Chiang Khong, the start of the new asphalt


    End of the first asphalt & onto some dirt


    Not all the asphalt is in place the full width of the road


    Dirt ready for asphalt


    Easy dirt


    Cruising by the 'Khong


    Dual lane carriageway by the new Chiang Saen cargo port.


    A short 200 metre dirt section



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