CBR 250 Cheap and easy front fork mod that works

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  1. I love my CBR but the suspension is a bit lame, the rear was easy to sort out with a new shock but that only amplified how bad the forks were, preloading the standard springs helped, then i discovered that the fork springs from the Ninja 250 are the same length and diameter but have a stronger spring rate. Kawasaki Chiangmai had to order them up from Bangkok but they are only 135 Baht each.
    What to do:
    Loosen off the fork caps while they are still in the bike.
    Remove the forks from the bike and take the stock springs out.
    Dump the oil and replace it with a good quality 10 weight fork oil (I used Belray)
    The standard amount of oil is 331ml but increase that to 350ml.
    Put the new springs in and put it all back together.
    End result:
    A really nice plush front end that doesnt bounce up and down through the dips and can take harder hits when the road gets a little rough.
    The standard spacers seemed to work fine and see no need to preload them.
    Set your rear shock to match the amount of sag your forks have and you should have your CBR handling real good.
  2. Good tip thanks.

    Might get them to do that at my next service next month.

    Don't suppose you have the parts number for when buying them from Kawa?

    and can I ask why 350ml of oil instead of 331ml?

  3. The extra oil helps stiffen the forks a little more but not enough to make them harsh, sorry dont know the part number.

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