CBR 400 1994 Sold to Mikethevigo

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  1. 1994 model
    Tax and Insured
    Plate and green book
    everything is new
    fully refurbished
    great exhaust

    asking 65,000 baht

    Wife wants me to sell as we now have a car and the cost of fuel has gone up, so I have to let it go[|)]...

    Phone 085-875-7941 or E-mail [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]


  2. 65.000 baht for a 400 four as clean and good-looking as that one, WITH registration....it should have found a buyer already!
    Too bad I'm way in the south and have no time to check it out; if I sell my CBR 150 and my 125 Wave I could buy it... but by then it should be sold for sure...
  3. where in thailand is it plaease.
  4. 'Klaus' your right I'm suprised it hasent sold for the knock down price of 65.000 baht I'm losing money to keep my wife happy but no ones buying!!!!!

    Its in (sukhothai near phitsanalok) which is only 400 kms from bangkok and 400 kms from chiang mai its 6 hours on the bus or 4-5 in a car.....

    Remember you can phone me I am an English man and I speak Thai (085-875-7941)
    Ask for Matthew (matt)
  5. Matt,
    Any idea on real kilometers? or has it been overhauled? How long/how many kilometers have you had it? Condition of chain , sprockets, have the forks been serviced, what engine oil have you been running in it? I am looking for a smaller local trip bike and will make a trip to have a look if you can provide a little bit more background as it is an older bike.
  6. 'Harry' Real kilometers I don't know! Ive had it for less than 200 kilometers and those 200 have been a lot of fun after i refurbished it of course...

    As for the oil its been changed by the big bike shop here in my town as for the sprockets and chain the bike shop didn't change them... I asked them to check everything the forks were serviced and seals changed... The bike shop is very reliable in my area...

    I do believe the engine and everything is sound, all teething problems have happened to me(there was a lot) and now all is well...

    Your welcome to come and take a look and have a ride...


  7. hi Friends,

    Of course that could be a good bargain, but a real bikker should not obey in such way to the wife... Or, Man, you have something else in mind ? A 1000 cc, or others ???

    Anyway good luck for your sale !
  8. I can't claim to be a real biker just a rookie....

    I wish i had something else in mind like a 1000cc the truth is i'm poor and we have just ordered a (prerunner) white vigo exclusive (toyata)

    My money is now really tight so I have to let it go I wish i didn't

    Thanks for the luck I seem to be needing it...

  9. Laurent,, have you been smoking that funny smelling tobacco ? lol
  10. "Mikethevigo' Very good business man 100% trustworthy

    Made me a very happy puppy....

    Pleasure doing business with you....

    Hope the bike is as expected!


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